Discover the Artistry of Fabrics and Vinyls

Welcome to our Fabric and Vinyls collection, where the world of textile design and functionality converge. Dive into a rich tapestry of options, including a wide range of fabric grades, each meticulously curated for quality and style. Explore our furniture fabrics grade chart to understand the essence of each grade, from the durable Durango Vinyl to the versatile Duraweave Olefin and the elegant Gatsby. Our vinyl selection offers a blend of aesthetics and durability. Adhering to strict contract standards, our stain and soil treated fabrics, like Affinity Plus Coordinates, provide a harmonious balance of form and function. Explore stain and soil-treated options like Fedora, or embrace the advanced technology of Crypton and the timeless appeal of Function. Discover why our Best Sellers are trusted choices in the world of upholstery. Let your design aspirations take shape with Furniture Concept's unparalleled fabric and vinyl offerings.

Explore the reasons behind our Best Sellers' status – these trusted choices in the upholstery world exemplify the pinnacle of design and quality. Let your design aspirations flourish and take shape with Furniture Concept unparalleled fabric and vinyl offerings. Whether you seek durability, style, or a seamless fusion of both, our collection stands ready to elevate your design journey to new heights.