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**Project Spotlights: Trauma-Informed Design**

Welcome to our project spotlights, where we showcase our recent involvement in large-scale planning endeavors, emphasizing our commitment to trauma-informed design. At the heart of our initiatives lies a dedication to creating environments that prioritize healing, safety, and empowerment.

**Camps Redefined:** Through our collaborative efforts, we've reimagined camp settings as therapeutic spaces, incorporating trauma-informed design principles to promote resilience and recovery. By integrating nature, sensory elements, and supportive structures, we've crafted environments that foster growth and well-being for all participants.

**Transitional Housing Transformation:** In our work with transitional housing, we've implemented trauma-informed design strategies to ensure that residents feel secure and empowered on their journey towards stability. From layout optimization to the selection of calming colors and textures, every detail is thoughtfully curated to promote healing and hope.

**Group Homes Reimagined:** Our involvement in group home settings has been guided by a commitment to creating nurturing environments that support individuals on their path to healing. By incorporating trauma-informed design practices, we've cultivated spaces that promote a sense of belonging, dignity, and safety for all residents.

In each of these projects, our focus on trauma-informed design underscores our dedication to creating spaces that not only meet practical needs but also honor the experiences and resilience of those we serve. Join us as we continue to illuminate the transformative power of intentional design in fostering healing and well-being.

Cottages at hickory crossing

Camp Twin Lakes


Shawnee Family Health Center

Cinnamon Bay

Victory Gardens