• Fiber Core Mattresses 30″ x 74″.
  • Available in 3″, 4″, 5″ or 6″ Thickness.
  • Mattress Cover Available in Fluid-Proof Vinyl, Fluid-Proof CorrectTick or Fluid-Resistant Nylon.
  • Meets Flammability Code CFR Title 16 Part 1633.
  • Also Available in 80″ Length.
  • Foam Mattresses also Available.

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30 74 twin 5

Discover comfort and support with our 30X74 Fiber Core Mattresses, available for convenient online purchase. Crafted for quality sleep, these mattresses come in various thickness options, allowing you to choose the perfect level of support for your needs.

Our Mattresses are designed to provide you with a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. Choose from thickness options of 3″, 4″, 5″, or 6″ to find the ideal level of support that suits your preferences.

Customize your mattress further by selecting the mattress cover material that best fits your needs. Options include Fluid-Proof Vinyl, Fluid-Proof CorrectTick, or Fluid-Resistant Nylon, ensuring a sleep surface that aligns with your comfort and durability expectations.

Rest easy knowing that our Fiber Core Mattresses meet the Flammability Code CFR Title 16 Part 1633, prioritizing safety in your sleeping environment. Additionally, for added versatility, these mattresses are available in an 80″ length.

Explore the world of quality sleep with our 30X74 Fiber Core Mattresses. Add these mattresses to your wishlist today and enjoy a rejuvenating and comfortable night’s sleep tailored to your preferences.


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