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Upgrade your sleep experience with our 39X74 Twin Box Springs, designed to provide optimal support and comfort. Discover the key features that make these box springs an ideal choice for various settings, from residential spaces to group living environments.

Versatile Use in Various Settings: Whether you’re furnishing a bedroom in a group living facility or outfitting a residential space, these box springs are versatile and suitable for a range of settings. Their thoughtful design makes them a practical choice for creating a supportive foundation for twin mattresses.

Mindful Solutions for Group Living Environments: As part of our Mindful Design Solutions collection, these Twin Box Springs align with our commitment to providing practical, durable, and comfortable furniture solutions for group living environments. This includes settings where multiple individuals share living spaces.

Elevate your sleep setup with the 39X74 Twin Box Springs – the perfect foundation for twin mattresses in a variety of settings. Prioritize support, longevity, and comfort with these box springs that are designed with mindful solutions in mind. Add them to your wishlist today and take a significant step toward enhancing your sleep experience.


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