• Campus 2-Position Chair is Perfect in a Dorm Room, Library or Common Area.
  • Dual Angled Base Permits Upright or Slightly Reclined Comfort.
  • Solid Wood Frame Available in Over 25 Finishes.
  • Solid Wood or Upholstered Seat and Back.
  • Your Choice of 100’s of Fabrics, Vinyls & Fluid-Resistant Fabrics.
  • 18.5” Seat Height.
  • Coordinating 4-Leg Chair Available.

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Introducing the Campus Two-Position Chair, a versatile and comfortable seating solution designed for various settings such as dorm rooms, libraries, or common areas. This chair features a dual-angled base, allowing users to enjoy either an upright or slightly reclined position for optimal comfort.

The Campus Two-Position Chair is designed to cater to various seating preferences in dynamic environments. Its dual-angled base provides the flexibility to switch between an upright and slightly reclined position, ensuring optimal comfort for users.

Crafted with a solid wood frame, the chair is available in over 25 finishes, allowing you to choose the one that complements your space best. The seat and back options include both solid wood and upholstered choices, giving you the freedom to customize the chair according to your aesthetic preferences.


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