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Upgrade your sleeping experience with the Innerspring Mattress Cot Standard, measuring 36X74 inches. This mattress is meticulously designed to provide optimal comfort, support, and durability, making it an excellent choice for behavioral healthcare facilities, camps, and various settings where a reliable and comfortable sleeping solution is needed.

The Innerspring Mattress is crafted with a focus on delivering a restful and supportive sleep experience. The innerspring technology ensures that each coil responds independently to your body’s contours, offering personalized comfort and reducing pressure points for a more rejuvenating rest.

Measuring 36X74 inches, this mattress is designed to fit standard cot frames, making it versatile for use in various settings. Whether in a healthcare facility, campsite, or any other location, the standard cot size ensures compatibility and ease of integration.

Upgrade the sleeping experience in your facility or camp with the Innerspring Mattress Cot Standard 36X74. It’s a reliable and comfortable solution designed to meet the specific needs of behavioral healthcare environments and beyond.


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