Tough Stuff Panel End Loveseat (5102)


51 x 31 x 29

The smart look of solid wood, rounded corners, and bullnose end panels give the Starboard Series a style all its own. The design creates an attractive room setting and is also very durable for any active lounge area. Available with attached reversible cushions as an option.

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Introducing the Tough Stuff Panel End Loveseat from the Starboard Series, a sophisticated and durable seating solution designed to elevate your lounge area while offering exceptional comfort and style. With its distinctive design elements and robust construction, this loveseat provides a perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality, making it an ideal choice for various settings, from reception areas and waiting rooms to hospitality venues and private residences.

Invest in the Tough Stuff Panel End Loveseat from the Starboard Series today and transform your space with a stylish and durable seating option. Add this versatile loveseat to your collection and experience the perfect blend of design, comfort, and longevity.


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