Eastview 3 Drawer Chest (AP-3DC-3020)


30 x 20 x 30

also available in 36 x 20 x 30

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Introducing the Eastview 3 Drawer Chest, a versatile and elegant storage solution designed to enhance your living space’s functionality and style. With its sleek design and spacious drawers, this chest offers a perfect blend of form and function, making it an ideal addition to various rooms, from bedrooms and living rooms to entryways and more.

Experience the timeless elegance and practicality of the Eastview 3 Drawer Chest, featuring a versatile design that complements various decor styles. Whether you’re furnishing a contemporary bedroom, a transitional living room, or a traditional entryway, this chest offers a stylish and functional storage solution that enhances your space’s aesthetic appeal.


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