• Fisk Loveseat for Limited Mobility and Incontinence.
  • Moisture Resistant Barrier on Cushion Foam Core.
  • Moisture Resistant Exposed Frame Parts.
  • Removable Seat Deck for Easy Cleaning.
  • Anti-Microbial Wood Finish.
  • 10-Year Warranty Frame and Springs, 3-Year Warranty Cushions.
  • 100’s of Fluid Resistant Fabrics and Vinyls.
  • High Density Foam. Solid Wood Frame.

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Discover comfort and practicality with the Fisk Loveseat, designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with limited mobility and incontinence. This loveseat goes beyond traditional seating, providing a thoughtful solution for enhanced comfort and ease of maintenance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Fisk Loveseat features a moisture-resistant barrier on the cushion foam core, ensuring durability and protection against spills and accidents. The exposed frame parts are also moisture-resistant, adding an extra layer of defense against everyday wear.

Cleaning is made effortless with the removable seat deck, allowing for easy maintenance and hygiene. The anti-microbial wood finish further enhances the durability and cleanliness of the loveseat, ensuring a lasting investment in comfort and well-being.

Choose from a wide range of fluid-resistant fabrics and vinyls to customize your Fisk Loveseat. With a solid wood frame, high-density foam, and a generous warranty, this loveseat is a testament to both comfort and durability. Add it to your wishlist and experience the perfect blend of functionality and style for your living space.


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