Manhassat Double Wardrobe (B047-26)

Our all-metal bedroom furniture is manufactured to combat bed bug infestations that have plagued our clients? spaces. The heavy-duty steel proves to be tough and long-lasting with all products powder-coated to prevent rust.

The Manhassat Double wardrobe feature fully welded designs for extreme durability. The latch lets you use your own lock, while six shelves and a hanging rack holds shirts, suits, towels and more.

Heavy Duty All Metal Steel

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Manhassat Double Wardrobe

The Manhassat Double Wardrobe is meticulously crafted with heavy-duty all-metal steel for unparalleled durability. Designed to combat bed bug infestations, its powder-coated black finish ensures longevity. This double wardrobe features a fully welded structure, a customizable latch for your preferred lock, and ample storage with six shelves and a hanging rack. It is ideal for commercial settings seeking a blend of style and resilience.

When exploring options for wardrobes, the Manhassat emerges as a top contender, especially for those seeking a seamless blend of design and utility. Its sleek profile, accentuated by the two-door sliding wardrobe mechanism, ensures a smooth and silent operation, reflecting superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you’re storing seasonal attire, daily essentials, or prized possessions, this wardrobe promises to be a reliable and stylish companion.

Moreover, the Manhassat Wardrobe transcends mere functionality; it encapsulates a design ethos that prioritizes user experience. The intuitive layout and ease of access facilitated by the sliding doors ensure a hassle-free storage solution that aligns with modern living requirements.

The Manhassat Double Wardrobe from Furniture Concepts is a testament to innovation, design, and quality. As you navigate the myriad options available, let this exceptional piece guide your decision. Embrace organization, style, and efficiency with the Manhassat Double Wardrobe, setting the standard for contemporary storage solutions.


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