Poppy Chair with Left Tablet Arm Only (3601-LA-ETAB)

DIMENSIONS -29 x 28 x 32

Style, Comfort and
? Contemporary Design
? Optional Wooden Tablet
? Flexible Layouts
? Compact Design Perfect for
Small Living Spaces

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Introducing the Poppy Wooden Armchair with Left Tablet Arm (3601-LA-ETAB), a stylish and functional seating solution designed to enhance any modern learning or collaborative environment. Meticulously crafted for comfort and versatility, this chair seamlessly blends ergonomic design with practical features.

The Poppy Chair is not just a seating option but a dynamic workspace with its integrated left tablet arm. Crafted with precision, this tablet arm provides a dedicated surface for note-taking, device use, or collaborative activities. The chair’s contoured design ensures ergonomic support, promoting comfort during extended use.

Statistics underscore the practicality of the Poppy Wooden Armchair: with a width of 23 inches and a height of 33 inches, it offers a compact footprint suitable for various spaces. The left tablet arm extends the functionality, making it an ideal choice for classrooms, training rooms, or collaborative workspaces.

Elevate your learning or collaborative environment with the Poppy Chair with Left Tablet Arm, where ergonomic design meets functional innovation. Invest in a versatile seating solution that fosters engagement and productivity.


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