Prime PLUS Seating Collection for Heavy Incontinence

  • Design: Prime Plus Seating Collection for Heavy Incontinence
  • Specialized Features: Stain-Resistant, Moisture-Resistant, Odor-Resistant
  • Applications: Healthcare Facilities, Residential Settings, Home Care, and More
  • Benefits: Comfort, Durability, Hygiene, and Supportive Design
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Prim plus

Introducing the Prime Plus Seating Collection for Heavy Incontinence, a specialized seating solution designed to provide comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance for individuals requiring enhanced protection against heavy incontinence. Engineered with advanced features and materials, this seating collection offers peace of mind, ensuring a supportive and hygienic environment for users and caregivers alike.

Experience the reliability and functionality of the Seating Collection, designed to withstand daily use in healthcare facilities, residential settings, and other environments where durability and hygiene are paramount. Whether you’re furnishing a medical clinic, assisted living facility, or home care setting, this seating collection offers a practical and reliable solution that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Invest in the Prime Plus Seating Collection for Heavy Incontinence today and provide users with a comfortable, secure, and hygienic seating option that supports their unique needs. With its durable construction, easy-to-clean materials, and ergonomic design, this specialized seating collection offers a valuable solution for enhancing comfort and promoting dignity for individuals with heavy incontinence.


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