Rustic Bunk Bed (FEMA USE) (MAH4006)


2″ Underbed Clearance
Available in:


Our Rustic Collection is finished with a water-based stain.
No Lacquer
2 Year Warranty

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Introducing the Rustic Bunk Bed, a charming addition to any space that seamlessly blends functionality with rustic elegance. Crafted to provide a cozy and inviting sleeping arrangement, this bunk bed stands out with its distinctive design and attention to detail. Available in two sizes, 39×75 and 39×80, the Rustic Bunk Bed offers versatility to accommodate various room dimensions while maximizing space.

Experience the beauty of the Rustic Collection, meticulously finished with a water-based stain that enhances its natural appeal without the use of lacquer. This eco-friendly approach not only adds to its rustic charm but also ensures a safe and sustainable choice for your living space. The absence of lacquer further highlights the bed’s authentic aesthetic, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.


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