SL1200 Bariatric Folding Chair

  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • 480 lb Weight Capacity
  • Metal Folding Chair with Padded Seat
  • Choice of Color
  • Available in Packs of 4
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SL1200 Chair

Introducing the SL1200 Bariatric Folding Chair, a robust and practical seating solution meticulously designed to accommodate users with a focus on comfort, durability, and convenience. This Extra Heavy-Duty folding chair is engineered to provide exceptional support, making it an ideal choice for various settings, including events, gatherings, and facilities requiring sturdy seating options.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the SL1200 Bariatric Folding Chair prioritizes user comfort and satisfaction, offering a seamless blend of form and function that caters to diverse needs and preferences. Its robust metal construction ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for various applications, from professional settings to casual gatherings.

Extra Heavy Duty Metal Folding Chair with Padded Seat



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