Eastview 4 Drawer Chest (AP-4DC-3020)


30 x 20 x 38

Also available in 36 x 20 x 38

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Introducing the Eastview 4 Drawer Chest, a harmonious blend of sophistication, functionality, and timeless elegance, meticulously crafted to elevate any living space. This exquisite 4 Drawer Chest encapsulates a perfect fusion of contemporary design and practicality, offering ample storage solutions while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your interior décor.

Embrace the essence of elegance and functionality with the 4 Drawer Chest, a harmonious blend of design excellence, practicality, and timeless appeal. Its versatile sizing options, meticulous craftsmanship, and timeless design elements ensure a seamless integration into various interiors, enhancing functionality while elevating aesthetic appeal. Transform your living space with the Eastview 4 Drawer Chest, where elegance meets functionality, promising years of reliable performance and enduring beauty.


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