Larchmont Metal Frame Loveseat (7268-L)

DETAILS – The Larchmont Loveseat?s durable vinyl and strong metal frame makes it perfect for commercial settings like Healthcare, Hospitality and Sernior Living, while its black leather look works well in a residential setting as well. The comfortable upholstered seats and polished bronze metal finish complete its style and high-class.

Upholstery Material:
Heavy Duty Vinyl
Upholstery Color:
Frame Material:
Frame Color:
Seat Fill Material:
Synthetic Fibers

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Larchmont Loveseat

Introducing the Larchmont Metal Frame Loveseat, ideal for commercial and residential settings. Featuring a polished bronze finish on a sturdy metal frame, this piece of furniture is upholstered in heavy-duty black vinyl for both durability and style. They are designed with comfort in mind, featuring synthetic fibre seat fill. Whether it’s Healthcare, Hospitality, or Senior Living spaces, this loveseat metal frame offers elegance and resilience.

The Larchmont emerges as a frontrunner when selecting a loveseat metal frame fans would appreciate. Its timeless design transcends fleeting trends, promising enduring appeal. Whether placed in a cozy apartment or a spacious living room, this loveseat effortlessly becomes the focal point, captivating attention with its understated elegance.

Moreover, the Loveseat isn’t just about aesthetics and enhancing your living experience. Its thoughtful design elements, from the seamless integration of metal and upholstery to the meticulous finishing, ensure a functional and visually appealing product.

The Larchmont Loveseat from Furniture Concepts encapsulates the essence of contemporary design and quality craftsmanship. As you redefine your living spaces with furniture that resonates with style and durability, let this exceptional piece guide your choice. Embrace sophistication, comfort, and timeless elegance with the Larchmont Metal Frame Loveseat, setting the stage for memorable moments and lasting impressions.


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