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Statistics site obesity in the US at around 33% of the population. Something for Everybody AND EVERY BODY! SEATING WITH DIGNITY. Fortunately, there are more and more bariatric options available from contract furniture providers. Bariatric furniture includes a wide variety of wood, metal and upholstered seating pieces that are designed and tested to hold up to heavier weights then standard furniture pieces. Adding bariatric furniture to…

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Bariatric & Standard Seating:Why Combining makes sense.

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Why Combine Bariatric and Standard Seating? Bariatric Seating is a sly fox.  Attractive and ultra-functional, bariatric seating effortlessly blends in with standard seating pieces to stretch both your options and your budget. When bariatric and standard seating is combined in a space, those looking for a little extra width in their chair will gravitate towards the bariatric options while…

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The Myth of Bariatric Furniture

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“Bariatric” is a broad word that encompasses the needs of people over recommended body weight. Bariatric furniture is a necessary enhancement of the contract furniture industry for practical reasons. (800)-969-4100 Get Quote Now Dispelling the Myth The myth of Bariatric furniture is that its unattractive and does not blend well with traditional seating. Get The Upholstered Seating…

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