The Power of the Right Upholstery Fabric

Contract Fabric Durable Fabric

When selecting contract fabrics for upholstered furniture, there are many things to consider. Contract furniture is always “made to order” due to the enormous variety of furniture styles and fabric types, finishes, patterns and colors. The possible combinations that can be created imagining the endless number of furniture styles plus hundreds of thousands of upholstery fabric and its variables…

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Replacement Cushions: A Small Investment That Can Pay Off Big.

Replacement Cushions Save Money 1

It can be tricky to balance needs for new furniture cushions and budget concerns. group living facilities and summer camps have to deal with this issue every year in order to keep their facilities and camps up to snuff for discerning clients/parents.  Replace Chair and Couch Cushions: Cushions on wood frame seating can start to look pretty dingy after…

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Camp Mattresses


For camp directors, making sure that bedrooms are ready for the next group of visitors can be an endless battle. Once beds and storage pieces are in place, choosing mattresses that are the right cost, function, and comfort can be daunting. Many low price contract mattress providers offer mattresses that are attractive to the bottom line but often fall short of the durability…

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Contract Fabric-eco friendly upholstery


Contract Upholstery Goes Green. Seeing the trends in consumer products like groceries and clothing, fabric mills have begun to offer a growing selection of “green” upholstery products.  Green upholstery has taken on a variety of definitions depending on fiber content and methods of processing.  In general, upholstery fabrics are considered green if they fall into one of the following…

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Buying the Right Mattress for Your Facility

Why Choose Fiber Core Mattresses?

The Benefits of Fiber Core Mattresses: Fiber is the new word in mattresses.  PFS, or Performance Fiber Systems, are an environmentally friendly option for health care, education, hospitality and recreation environments.  Fiber core mattresses are made from recycled contents that are “green” certified to contain no hazardous byproducts.  Constructed using environmentally safe raw materials and processes,…

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