Safe Harbor Collection Meets Diverse Needs for Facilities

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At Furniture Concepts we are committed to creating healing spaces that offer patients comfort on their journey to wellness. Each of the three lines in our Safe Harbor collection is designed to provide just what the name suggests: a safe space free of barriers to a healthy recovery. The three lines under Safe Harbor target diverse needs…

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Offer Peace in the New Year:Ligature-Resistant Furniture

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As the year winds down, you’re probably seeking out a few traditional moments of peace. Whether it’s holiday gatherings with family or annual reflections on your professional accomplishments, setting worries aside is a universally healing experience. When a patient arrives at your treatment center, consider how powerful it can be to offer loved ones the peace of…

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Ligature-Resistant Furniture = Greater Peace of Mind

Healthcare Safe Harbor Bedroom

Perhaps the most heartbreaking and tragic situation that can take place in a treatment center is patient suicide. And while it is just not possible to prevent every attempt at self-harm, progress toward minimizing these acts is being made. One important factor in the fight against self-harm is to use ligature-resistant furniture. The Joint Commission defines…

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Ligature-Resistant Furniture Meets Patient, Accreditor Requirements

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A patient’s decision to enter a treatment facility comes with a great deal of anxiety for patient and family alike. One of the most important ways you can reassure these individuals is by demonstrating you have taken every step to create a safe healing environment. Ligature-resistant furniture becomes a must in this effort. Addressing National Standards Because…

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