Affordable Loveseats for Group Living Environments

Affordable Loveseats for Behavioral Healthcare

The ambiance of a group living environment plays a crucial role in the therapeutic process. Among various elements, furniture, particularly seating, holds significant importance. The right choice of seating can create a supportive and calming environment, essential for the wellbeing of patients. This is especially true for loveseats, which offer both comfort and a sense…

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What are Pop-Out and Clean-Out Seats?

PopOut IncontinenceSeats1

Accidents and spills can mean trouble. Incontinence issues, drink spills, and other messes can lead to bad stains and smells. Pop-out chairs and sofas can save you plenty of hassle and make the cleanup process easier that with typical furniture. Here’s how pop-out seating can help your facility. Benefits of Pop-Out Furniture: A single mess under a piece…

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Best of Lounge Seating

urban 11200 chairbig

How to Combine Style, Functionality and Cost for Lounge Seating.Recent budget cutbacks have reminded purchasers that there is still truth in the “you get what you pay for” adage. Buying quality furniture creates a longer buying cycle thereby minimizing the need for cash for future furniture projects – especially those needed to satisfy state and local codes…

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Personalized Upholstery Seating


PERSONALIZE YOUR SEATING…WITH THE DURABILITY YOU NEED! When tasked with buying seating furniture for your healthcare or group living facility, the choices available for upholstery fabric can seem daunting. The trickiest part of the ordeal is imagining the finished product. Internet shopping has done a great service in leveling the playing field when it comes to shopping for…

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