Take the Stress out of Furniture Buying for Group Living Facilities..


We talk to hundreds of people every month that draw the proverbial “short straw” and are now tasked with buying furniture for their healthcare, education, hospitality or recreation facility despite having no real buying experience.Many small to mid-sized facilities do not hire professional buyers.  Instead, they assign the task to a member of the administrative…

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9 Pieces of Furniture That Group Home Staff Can’t Live Without.

9 pieces of furniture camps3 1

The benefits of using the right furniture for a group home or group living facility are many. From comfort of the consumer to ease of use for staff to creating the feeling of home that reassures consumers’ families – the right furniture makes a difference. When selecting furniture for group homes and other heavy use environments, how do…

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Three Reasons Why Group Living Facilities Should Choose a Contract Furniture Distributor Over a Retail Outlet


Group living facilities can’t get by with just any old furniture. Each facility has special needs for its furniture and local retailers may have trouble meeting those requirements. contract furniture distributor can recommend the right furniture solutions for your facility. Here are three reasons why you should choose a contract furniture seller over a local retailer 1.…

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How to Pick a Mattress for Group Living Facilities

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A good bed frame is important, but it’s hard to sleep on without the right mattress. Buying a mattress can be tricky for anyone, but it’s even harder when you have to buy several of them for a group living facility. The prospect of ordering dozens of mattresses is an expensive one, so it’s important that…

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Why Can’t My Facility Furniture Ship Fast?

Planning your furniture buying

Planning for a furniture project for your new group living facility takes a lot of consideration for your clients’ and staffs’ needs, the best use of space, and the best use of budget. Choosing durable furniture and fixtures designed for group living help to create an extended furniture replacement cycles which is good news for administration. It is important…

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Best Bed Bug Defense for Group Living

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Bed bugs have increasingly become a concern for group living environments. So, let’s break those management methods down: Get The Metal Bedroom Furniture Catalog Bed bugs can cause your organization plenty of headaches. Investing in bed bug resistant furniture is a big step toward fighting off these pests and keeping you rooms safe. Create your own Furniture Concepts Wish List today…

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Making Group Living Spaces Livable

Bunk with steps and storage

Any time you have more than one person sharing a living space the lines of functional spaces are bound to start blurring – living rooms can become a place for abandoned shoes and jackets; dining tables can end up collecting mail and magazines; and the bedrooms?  Well they just end up collecting everything else!  So…

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Three Crucial Tactics for Group Dining Facilities

Dining Hall Furniture for Summer Camps Lodges

Group Meals Are an Essential Part of Any Group Living Environment. Whether in a therapeutic or purely social setting, providing the right furniture to make dining comfortable for consumers as well as functional for staff takes a bit of planning. Rest assured there are many tried and true ways to set up your dining space regardless of the size…

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Creating Healing Environments in a Group or Health Care Setting

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Creating Healing Environments. Hospitals need new packaging, brand new dress that bespeaks health and happiness rather than sickness and suffering, hope instead of despair….What is being done to create for the patient surroundings that make him want to live, that restore to him the old fight to regain his health? Exploring Elements of Healing Environments…

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INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS for Your Group Environment Facility!

Group Living Upholstered Seating copy

There is great truth to the adage “the difference is in the details.” Even an untrained eye can intuitively identify a well-design space. What Makes Good Design? There are many factors but perhaps most important are the details. The coordination of fabrics, Furniture style and accessories that makes a space inviting but maintains the practical objective of the room. For…

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