Why Can’t My Facility Furniture Ship Fast?

Planning your furniture buying

Planning for a furniture project for your new group living facility takes a lot of consideration for your clients’ and staffs’ needs, the best use of space, and the best use of budget. Choosing durable furniture and fixtures designed for group living help to create an extended furniture replacement cycles which is good news for administration. It is important to remember that all phases of planning require time to be done right. The purchase of furniture and fixtures is no exception.

The online behemoths that are commonplace for residential purchases have sort of conditioned all of us to expect speedy purchasing and delivery of all sorts of commodities. While the point and click world of consumer goods works for a lot of things that same model is less effective in wholesale industries. Furniture designed under contract durability and flammability standards is sold through wholesale distributors. In order for the wholesale business model to offer lowest pricing, little inventory is held. In other words, most manufacturers will build the furniture only when you order. The huge variety of sizes, fabrics, and finishes make storing quantities of contract-grade furniture almost impossible.

Additionally, warehousing furniture is an undertaking that is labor-intensive and many furniture components are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Furniture built to order allows efficient manufacturing without excess inventory that adds expense to that ultimately gets passed on to the buyer. So lower inventory means lower costs while not sacrificing quality.

Whether in drawing stages, budget stages, or built and ready, your facility ultimately needs furniture that meets the needs of your residents and consumers. Selecting the right seating, bedroom, and dining furniture requires attention to detail so build time into your buying process that allows for receiving samples of fabrics and finishes. Once the furniture is ordered, expect a minimum of 4 – 6 weeks to build, package and ship your order. Larger quantities or custom pieces may require up to 12 weeks. The lead time required for your order is necessary to ensure the quality, durability, and customization of your furniture.

When planning a furniture purchase for an existing facility, work with a contract furniture provider with the experience required to make the right recommendations for your project. When planning new construction, bring your contract furniture provider in early in the process to help with space planning, style selection, and budgeting. Under all circumstances, allow enough time in the buying process so that your project can stay on-time and on-budget. From quoting to finish selection to ordering to production to shipping, delivery and installation, your contract furniture project requires time to be done right and to get the right results that will work for the long run.

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