Wholesale Furniture Buying Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Facilities

Wholesale Furniture Buying Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Facilities

In behavioral healthcare and human service programs, the significance of a conducive physical environment cannot be overstated. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating recovery, ensuring comfort, and promoting a sense of safety for both patients and staff. The furniture that populates these spaces is central to this environment – a seemingly mundane aspect that…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Reliable Furniture Wholesaler

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Reliable Furniture Wholesaler

Selecting a Furniture Wholesaler transcends a mere transaction; it’s about cultivating a lasting alliance that resonates with your objectives, style, and principles. Whether you’re a business proprietor, an interior designer, or a homeowner, this decision profoundly shapes your project’s triumph, financial stability, and overall contentment. Why does a dependable Furniture Wholesaler hold such significance? Firstly,…

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In Uncertain Times, Rely on Our Unwavering Commitment


With new reports every day about the state of the economy and what the future holds, these are uncertain times for those who write and manage organizations’ budgets. Flexibility stands to be as important as ever in the months ahead. As we at Furniture Concepts see our customers grappling with rising costs, we must show…

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A Shift In Perspective Seeing Furniture Choices As Investment Decision


With an intimidating number of choices in the marketplace, the people who are tasked with purchasing sustainable furniture for healthcare environments can often be left feeling overwhelmed. As with many decisions, one typically chooses the path of least resistance and purchases what is readily available and for the lowest cost. While this strategy may appear to…

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Introducing Natura:Balancing Innovation and Sustainability

4 1

Companies everywhere are being asked to be stewards of the environment with the same dedication they devote to their customers, and rightfully so. We see this effort to be better as a cornerstone of our mission at Furniture Concepts, and that’s why we are excited and honored to introduce our Natura line of products. Part of our…

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Get Rid of Ugly Furniture Once and For All

need new furniture

ARE YOU TIRED OF YOUR FACILITY’S TIRED OLD FURNITURE?   It may be time to scrap the aging lounge and bedroom furniture and start fresh. So when you are ready to replace your facility’s furniture (or furnish a new facility) where do you start? Depending on the type of consumers, patients, or clients you serve you may…

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CAL 117 and CAL 133 flamatory laws explained easy

Addiction Recovery Furniture 1

 If you are reading this article chances are you have been told that your furniture needs to be compliant with the State of California Technical Bulletin 133, more commonly known as CAL 133 (also referred to as CAL133, Cal TB 133, TB133). For those of you saying “but I don’t live in California, what does…

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Limited Mobility & Incontinence Furniture

20130820 153018

Furniture Solutions for People with Limited Mobility & Incontinence. Seniors and others with limited mobility benefit from specialized seating for comfort, ease of use and safety. Facilities that specialize in the care of limited mobility clients and patients tend to pattern seating in common areas like that of a residence – clustered to encourage socialization, allow easy TV viewing, or…

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Why We Don’t Have Pricing On Our Website

Blank price tag

After browsing our available furniture products, you may notice that there aren’t any prices listed along with our various options. That’s not an accident; at Furniture Concepts, we want to help you find exactly what you need in order to determine the price. Furniture Pricing Based on Your Needs: When you order from Furniture Concepts, you’re…

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Encouraging Independence Through Comfortable Incontinence Furniture


Accidents happen, but the right furniture can prevent an accident from becoming a big mess. Incontinence is an issue for health care facilities such as senior living homes. Limited mobility and incontinence sofas and chairs can help health care practitioners make cleanup an easier process while encouraging independence for senior patients. Here’s how quality incontinence furniture can…

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How Furniture Concepts’ Website Features Help Our Customers

3 D Visualizer See How Fabric will Look

It’s not always easy to find the right contract furniture for your facility. Furniture Concepts simplifies this search through convenient website features that give you all of the information you need to make furniture decisions. Here’s how our website can help you find and order the right contract furniture for your facility.Find Contract Furniture with…

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The Joys of Shipping: How Furniture Concepts Ships Your Furniture


Ordering new furniture for your facility is exciting. Unfortunately, it won’t magically appear at your front door right after you order it. However, we do provide multiple convenient delivery methods that will make sure that your new furniture order makes it safely to your facility. Furniture Shipping Options  Furniture Concepts offers many options for people in…

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Introducing the Quick Ship Program


Time is not always on your side when it you order furniture for your facility. Long lead times and pressing needs can make it difficult to get furniture for small projects with short deadlines, and that’s even if the furniture you can order is up to your standards. That’s why we started a special Quick Ship…

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5 Ways to Spruce up Your Aging Lobby

Lobby Furniture

Ever have one of those days when you walk through your facility on your way to your work day and something different catches your eye?  It’s the day that it hits you that your lobby area is dated.  What was once fresh and new is now drab and old. The saying “you never get a…

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Patient Populations With Incontinence

Fluid incontinence Seating

Furniture offers a surprising number of ways to help staff manage patient or consumer incontinence with dignity.  Once an expensive, disposable item after incontinence accidents, seating is now an effective tool in fluid management. N7A range of options have been developed by dedicated furniture manufacturers in partnership with experts in senior living, developmental disability care, and limited mobility…

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Longer Lasting Furniture Keeps Waste In Check

Tough Stuff  Wood Furniture

Everyone agrees that the earth’s natural resources, such as clean water and productive farmland, are finite. That is, they won’t last long if we don’t take steps to conserve and renew them. One of the ways we humans are endangering natural resources is by stuffing landfills with tons of avoidable waste. This waste comes in…

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Furniture Enhances Safety in High-Risk Environments

Furniture Concepts Molded Plastic

Professionals who interact with high-risk populations have changed their philosophies over the years in how they manage outbursts. A growing body of literature now supports only rare and minimal restraint applied exclusively to prevent harm—with a larger vision toward eliminating the use of seclusion and restraint. For example, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) has…

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Details Make a Difference In Furniture Quality and Customer Satisfaction

details make the differece copy

Quality and customer satisfaction matters. It’s true for automobiles, electronics and even health services.That’s why we’re not surprised that the “Best Hospitals” list produced by U.S. News & World Report still receives positive feedback, even now in its 30th year. We’re especially pleased to hear that for the first time standardized patient satisfaction scores were added…

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The Modern Rules of Institutional Furniture

Addiction Recovery Bedroom

The phrase “institutional furniture” is still used as a broad reference to furniture for group living and health care environments. This phrase suggests high durability and virtual indestructibility, but the phrase “institutional furniture” also calls up images of unattractive, sterile and uncomfortable seating, bedroom and dining pieces. In today’s group living and health care environments, institutional furniture has come…

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Quick Tips to Finding the Best Special Needs Furniture Provider


If You Work in a HEALTHCARE FACILITY That Strives to Offer Independent Living to Consumers and Patients, You Already Know that FURNITURE PLAYS A CRITICAL ROLE. Furniture is not only essential for productive activities and organized dining; the furniture design itself can become an important element in the quest for real independence. So Why NOT…

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Special Needs Furniture

Morgan Finn Mental Health Facility Furniture for seating

Common Sense Furniture Solutions for Use by People of all Abilities. For individuals with developmental delays and their caretakers, independence is a critical goal. For facility administrators, it is important to create functional work and living spaces that foster independence without making an individual feel singled out. Special needs furniture has become a dynamic furniture category that…

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What is Commercial Lounge Furniture?

Farrington Sofa chair

Healthcare, business and government facilities are the largest buyers of commercial lounge furniture. Commercial (contract) grade furniture guarantees that furniture is manufactured to the highest industry standards. The end goal is high durability and longevity of the pieces.  The contract furniture industry is also the best place to see new trends and styling.  Commercial buyers often want…

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We Stand by Those Serving the Most Vulnerable

bubble2 1

The events of the last few weeks related to COVID-19 are creating pressure on healthcare providers of all sorts. Health & human services, behavioral healthcare, addiction recovery, and shelter providers will undoubtedly experience an increased need for programming as our country deals with the ongoing public health crisis. Our nation’s most vulnerable; including those at risk…

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Multiple-Use Furniture

Folding Table Stacking Chair - Multiple-Use Furniture

When selecting furniture for a multiple-use facility, choosing furniture that is readily adaptable & ready for anything is essential. Folding and Stacking Furniture Folding dining tables and stacking furniture is a highly durable way to make any space multi-use. Modern day stacking chairs can be high-style and comfortable.  When paired with folding tables, any space can be converted from…

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Tough Stuff Furniture

Tough Stuff Group Home Furntiure

TOUGH STUFF! What’s in a name? Well in this case, the name says it all. Built of solid wood for years of heavy use, FURNITURE CONCEPT’S SIGNATURE TOUGH STUFF LINE is ONE of a KIND. Designed for heavy use environments like student housing, summer camps and health care, Tough Stuff is hands-down the industry’s most rugged and durable…

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Furniture for Incontinence-What to Look for.

hc09317 05rs front angle 1430142518 1

When dealing with incontinence it is essential that urine not be allowed to pool. Experience comfort and dignity with our specialized incontinence furniture, designed for discreet support. Elevate your lifestyle with quality solutions tailored to your needs. kn Urine on exposed wood can not only cause long-term foul odors, but can also damage the wood and compromise the…

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Furniture for Incontinence-Making Upholstered Pieces Fluid-Resistant.


Furniture designed for consumers with incontinence can be made more effective with a fluid-resistant fabric deck. A fabric deck is an enhancement to a standard piece of upholstered seating.  With fabric decking, fully upholstered furniture is made with a fluid-resistant piece of fabric under the cushions.  To help you picture what this is, if you were to pick up the…

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Furniture for incontinence– Part 1

picture 12

Caring for residents and clients with urinary incontinence can be frustrating for staff.  Achieving sanitation requirements, managing client comfort and preserving furniture and flooring can be difficult priorities for a busy staff.  Fortunately, there are ways to make dealing with indulgence easier through steps as easy as using furniture that is designed to make clean-ups less strenuous.  In…

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Furniture: Understanding Your Delivery Options

065 2 Classic Bunk 2

When ordering items that are too big for standard package delivery, you may be faced with some unfamiliar furniture delivery options. There are Frequently Asked Questions about shipping options for furniture and other large items. Making yourself aware of these options help unpleasant surprises. (800)-969-4100 Get Quote Now Wading through a bevy of terms like “drop ship” and “LTL” can be intimidating…

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What is Your Workspace Style Like?

C 3066 Single Ped Desk 1

Look Around your Workspace setup. What Do You See? Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional…BORING? If you have a job that requires you to spend time at an office, chances are you spend more waking time at the office than at home. So, shouldn’t your office be as beautiful as your home?  It has become easy to express…

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Anti-Contraband Furniture: No Place to Hide!

white anti-contraband group color

Traditional furniture won’t suffice in environments where safety is paramount. The need for anti-contraband furniture has become increasingly recognized, particularly in therapeutic healthcare settings where individuals may be at risk of behavioral outbursts or self-harm. This furniture provides a solution by offering secure storage options without hidden compartments, allowing for easy inspection and reducing risks…

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Furniture Finishes: How do I choose the right one?

page23 custom veneers

Choosing the Right Type of Surface for Furnishings. Akin to the old “paper or plastic” question, furniture providers typically offer wood, veneer or laminate surfaces for case (non-seating) furniture. Choosing the right surface type for the finished piece can make a meaningful difference in the life span and beauty of the product. There are basically three types of…

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outlineportland web

 Gauging how long your furniture furniture Lifespan will last. Let’s face it, buying furniture is like buying new tires.  Sure, it’s nice but not quite the satisfaction of booking a vacation or buying a new television – although often it is just as expensive. Ultimately, we all share the same goal of purchasing durable furniture that will maintain its…

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Furniture Warranties: What Does it Really Cover?


WARRANTIES ADD VALUE to any purchase. The bigger the price tag, the more valuable warranties become. In general manufacturers are expected to stand behind their products. Any manufacturer worth purchasing from will offer protection for a period of time that covers manufacturer’s defects. When purchasing products that have multiple components like furniture it is important to understand that multiple…

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How to Safely Clean Your Furniture

How to clean wood furniture

Today more than ever it is important that surfaces are well cleaned & sanitized. Seating, storage, bedroom and dining furniture represent the majority of surface areas in any facility. With its frequent use and high visibility, furniture is likely the most important focus of cleaning efforts. And, let’s be honest, furniture is an investment so…

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Smart Furniture Choices Promote Sustainability

Smart Furniture Choices Promote Sustainability

The effort to promote eco-conscious living often neglects to incorporate smart decisions about the furniture we use every day. Making responsible choices about these essential products can make a world of difference for your immediate environment and for the planet. Sustainable furniture uses materials with low environmental impact and employs an enduring design. Moreover, furniture with durable construction will…

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crate resized 600

In today’s cut-throat business environment the lure of free shipping can be enticing. Having the ability to see bottom-line pricing without additional fees like shipping and delivery is, let’s face it, satisfying! The reality is that there is really no such thing as “free” shipping.  With ever increasing fuel and transportation costs, shipping has become…

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Offering a Personal Touch in the New Year


Unfortunately, we just cannot sugar coat it: 2020 has been quite a trying year. None of us has been left unscathed. The most serious public health crisis in modern history has descended upon us bringing hardship and uncertainty. In these trying times, one must always search for the silver lining and for us, it is…

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Reduce Contamination Risk in Your Facility

Healthcare Furniture

Containing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) could not be a more timely priority for healthcare facilities, given the heightened demands brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. While many institutions have adopted strategies to keep high-risk objects clean, these efforts often fall short because of inadequate staff training or inconsistent execution – and because there is no industrywide…

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Furniture Concepts Grows by Adding Flatcreek Manufacturing

FC 806 015a

Combining forces is a good thing. Super heroes do it all the time. That’s why we’re excited to share the news that Furniture Concepts and Flatcreek Manufacturing have now merged their superpowers to create one of the nation’s most trusted contract furniture companies. Why It Matters This is a positive development for all of our…

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