Furniture Warranties: What Does it Really Cover?


WARRANTIES ADD VALUE to any purchase. The bigger the price tag, the more valuable warranties become.

In general manufacturers are expected to stand behind their products. Any manufacturer worth purchasing from will offer protection for a period of time that covers manufacturer’s defects.

When purchasing products that have multiple components like furniture it is important to understand that multiple warranties may apply.

For example, frames and upholstery are typically covered under separate warranties. The mill that makes the upholstery will cover their materials, the fabric, while the factory that makes the frame and assembles the final product will warrant the frame and foam separately. Fabric wears more quickly then frame components so upholstered components are rarely covered for more than 1 year. Frames, on the other hand, can be covered anywhere from 1 – 10 years depending on the expected life span of the materials used.

So what exactly is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty? It may be easier to consider what is not covered. For upholstered furniture tears, stains and damage to fabric due to normal use is not covered. However, mill errors like unraveling material weaves are covered provided that the issue was not caused by misuse on the consumer’s end. Similarly, furniture frames warranties protect the purchaser in the event that the frame splits or becomes loose.

  • When exercising a warranty be prepared to provide pictures of the areas of concern as well as a description how the piece(s) is normally used.
  • An element of discretion is allowed on the manufacturer’s end as they and or the distributor have final say over matters of warranty.
  • When making purchases like furniture it is important to work with a reputable firm who understands the type of use your furniture will get.
  • Contract furniture companies offer products designed for heavy and frequent use and are a better value than retail stores* who may judge heavy use as voiding a warranty all together.

When in doubt, ask around. Your peers may have recommendations for the best place to buy furniture for your type of environment.

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