Safe Work Settings Will Boost Staff Satisfaction

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The health care workforce continues to face tumultuous times. The nursing profession has seen a combination of challenges, including pandemic-related burnout, fuel a loss of more than 500,000 from its ranks. Earlier this month, a short but impactful strike by more than 75,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals sent shock waves across…

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8 Pieces of Furniture That Camp Staff Can’t Live Without

9 pieces of furniture camps3

Summer Camp and Retreat Centers have the difficult job of being the ultimate in flexible use spaces.Transforming group rooms from a meeting space, into an…activity space, into a worship space, and then into a communal dining space needs to happen quickly to keep customers, campers and staff happy and comfortable.The task is not a small one…

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Metal vs. Wood: Choosing the Right Summer Camping Bunk Beds

Wood Metal Bunks

Bunk beds are a tremendous space saver for summer camps, but not all bunk beds are created equal. When it comes to choosing the right wood and metal bunk beds for summer camps, sturdiness and durability are two major features you should look for. Furniture Concepts provides several durable bunk bed options made of wood or…

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Creative Storage Options for Camp Bunk Beds

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Deciding on the right floor plan for a summer camp creative storage solutions can be very tricky. Summer camp professionals need to balance how many beds they can fit into a space while still leaving enough room for other summer camp furniture, such as storage options. However, beds can often win out, because campers are directly tied…

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Three Small Summer Camp Furniture Investments That Can Pay Off Big

Three Small Summer Camp Furniture Investments That Can Pay Off Big 2

It can be tricky to balance needs for new furniture and budget concerns. Summer camp administrators have to deal with this issue every year in order to keep their camps up to snuff for discerning parents. Fortunately, there are plenty of small investments summer camp administrators can make to appeal to potential campers. Here are three simple…

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How Summer Camps Get Bed Bugs

camp piankatank furnished by furniture concepts

Bed bug infestations is a serious problem for a summer camp. Not only can it be expensive to shut down the camp and hire an exterminator, there a lot of hidden costs that can affect your camp in the future. For example, the parents of your campers might decide to send their children elsewhere because…

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Camp bunk beds and three benefits

Three Benefits of Camp Bunk Beds

No matter what kind of summer camp you run, it’s always important to consider what type of beds you’ll need for your campers. Bunkbeds are a popular style of bed for summer camps, and for good reason. Here are three benefits that make bunkbeds a great fit for summer camps. SAVE ON SPACE: This benefit is huge…

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Five Useful Tips for Durable Summer Camp Furniture

camp piankatank furnished by furniture concepts

The weather might not agree but the calendar says it is time to start planning for summer.  Summer camp administrators and leaders have been busy attending national and regional conferences like the American Camp Association and Christian Camping & Conference Association to learn how to maximize camp attendance and programming. We have put together a few tips for facility…

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Which Bunk is Right for Your camp? Wood or Metal?

summer camp kids jumping grass

Bunkbeds and summer camp are natural companions – like peanut butter and jelly! With a variety of metal and wood bunks available, which is right for your camp? Let’s look at what they have in common and what sets them apart. Wood is traditional. Wood bunks are warm and inviting. For many parents, wood bunks evoke nostalgia from…

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Consider Biophilic Design to Inspire Today’s Modern Campers

Biophilic Design for camps

One noticeable attribute of Generation Z—those born between 1995 and 2015—is how much time they spend with their beloved digital devices. Because of this tech-heavy lifestyle, concerned parents are increasingly looking to overnight camps as a way to balance their kids’ life experiences.  Professional camp directors strive to offer well-rounded activities for health, learning and…

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The Camp and Dorm Mattress Buyer’s Survival Guide – Part III of III

mattress 1

In Part three of our three part blog series we will be exploring the extra stuff contract dorm mattress suppliers offer on their mattresses.  The first item to choose from is the type of binding. Your choices are inverted seam or tape edge. (800)-969-4100 Get Quote Now Speaking of bed bugs, mattresses are a prime source of concern when…

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The Camp and Dorm Mattress Buyer’s Survival Guide – Part II of III

mattress cartoon

Buying mattresses for group living facilities is a big task.  Furnishing mattresses for hundreds of sleepers is an intimidating prospect. So how do you decide which type of mattress to buy? Why do the prices span such a wide spectrum from suspiciously cheap to crazy expensive?  In Part I of this three part blog series, we compared buying mattresses…

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The Camp and Dorm Mattress Buyer’s Survival Guide – Part I of III

Summer Camp Mattresses for Bunkbeds

Choosing the right mattresses for dormitories and camps is crucial for ensuring comfort and durability. In this three-part series, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when selecting dorm mattresses, starting with Part I focusing on mattress cores. From foam to fiber and innerspring options, understanding the pros and cons of each core type is…

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Back to Basics in Summer Camp Furniture

Bunk beds

School is winding down and summer camps are gearing up. Camp directors are busy training staff, developing programs and sprucing up cabins and outdoor spaces. For those of us in the camp furniture industry, this is bunk bed season. Over the years lots of styles of bunk beds have come and gone but the tried and true work horse for summer camps is…

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See How Easily You Can Transform Your Camp with Furniture!

068 2 Classic Ladder End Twin over Queen

In recent months, members of our Furniture Concepts team have had the privilege of attending some of the premier national and regional summer camp conferences. Conferences like the CCCA National Conference and the ACA National and Regional Conferences gather the leadership of many of the country’s most successful camp and conference centers.  Administrators we have spoken to have been teeming with optimism…

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