Safe Work Settings Will Boost Staff Satisfaction

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The health care workforce continues to face tumultuous times. The nursing profession has seen a combination of challenges, including pandemic-related burnout, fuel a loss of more than 500,000 from its ranks. Earlier this month, a short but impactful strike by more than 75,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals sent shock waves across the industry. These developments matter to all organizations, regardless of the type of facility they operate. Staff members across our workplaces are demanding to have their voices heard, and this has become particularly challenging in the healthcare market. “Healthcare facilities face the delicate balance of managing financial stability while upholding the highest standards of patient care within the communities they support,” John Shagoury, CEO of Massachusetts-based nursing agency IntelyCare, said this month in an i Advance Senior Care article covering the walkout at Kaiser Permanente. In an environment where staff needs remain high but organizations see limits to what they can offer, it is critically important to take care of the everyday matters that promote workers’ job satisfaction. An environment of care that is welcoming and safe for staff and clients alike goes a long way. Our furnishings for behavioral health, long-term care and other health settings offer visual appeal while also emphasizing resident safety. At a time when staff members are being asked to address a much broader range of client needs than ever before, and usually with not enough colleagues to help do the job, the last thing they need to see is an environment of care that compromises their patients’ well-being. Creating safe spaces with healthcare furnishings that protect residents and are a smart use of resources will enhance staff morale. That in turn will improve staff retention, a daunting challenge across the healthcare industry. Have a conversation with us about the best options to meet your needs.

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