How to Clean Upholstered Furniture From Incontinence or Any Stain


Worried about upholstered furniture Clean-up? Start with Your Fabric and Furniture Choice. Crypton© is a remarkable fabric technology that adds a fluid and dirt barrier.  Because Crypton© is applied in a submersion technique, the barrier is applied to the top and bottom of the material as well as within the fiber weave itself.  Unlike other stain barriers…

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How to Use Self Deck Upholstery to Manage Incontinence

Furniture Concepts Premium Plus Seating Catalog 2

INCONTINENCE is a difficult issue for caregivers and direct service providers. Making CLEAN UP EASY, preventing damage to patient skin and avoiding permanent furniture destruction is always a high priority. The contract furniture industry has recently given incontinence (and limited mobility) a lot of attention. One tried and true method of managing incontinence and general fluid…

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Agostino Upholstered Bench Mental Health Facility scaled

Upholstered Benches: A great choice when looking for versatile furniture for your facility! Contract furniture providers offer benches made to contract upholstery standards.  As you plan your next furniture project, ask your provider about adding a bench to increase the flex of your other seating pieces.  Contract standards ensure that you are buying furniture that is durable…

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Personalized Upholstery Seating


PERSONALIZE YOUR SEATING…WITH THE DURABILITY YOU NEED! When tasked with buying seating furniture for your healthcare or group living facility, the choices available for upholstery fabric can seem daunting. The trickiest part of the ordeal is imagining the finished product. Internet shopping has done a great service in leveling the playing field when it comes to shopping for…

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Upholstered Furniture: Understanding Fabric Cleaning Symbols.

Durable easy to clean seating

What Do Those Upholstery or Fabric Cleaning Symbols Mean? W, S, W-S?? When maintaining upholstered seating for any facility, it is essential to understand proper cleaning methods for your upholstery type.  Specialty fabrics and fabric finishes can easily be ruined (and all warranties voided) with the wrong type of cleaning.  It is tempting to throw seat covers in the…

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Furniture for Incontinence-Making Upholstered Pieces Fluid-Resistant.


Furniture designed for consumers with incontinence can be made more effective with a fluid-resistant fabric deck. A fabric deck is an enhancement to a standard piece of upholstered seating.  With fabric decking, fully upholstered furniture is made with a fluid-resistant piece of fabric under the cushions.  To help you picture what this is, if you were to pick up the…

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 Gauging how long your furniture furniture Lifespan will last. Let’s face it, buying furniture is like buying new tires.  Sure, it’s nice but not quite the satisfaction of booking a vacation or buying a new television – although often it is just as expensive. Ultimately, we all share the same goal of purchasing durable furniture that will maintain its…

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How to Safely Clean Your Furniture

How to clean wood furniture

Today more than ever it is important that surfaces are well cleaned & sanitized. Seating, storage, bedroom and dining furniture represent the majority of surface areas in any facility. With its frequent use and high visibility, furniture is likely the most important focus of cleaning efforts. And, let’s be honest, furniture is an investment so…

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Upholstery Vinyls, Why it’s Now a Good Option.

Upholstery Vinyls, Why it's Now a Good Option.

The perception of vinyl upholstery has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, evolving from a dated and uncomfortable material to a versatile and highly durable option for chairs, sofas, and upholstered furniture. Redefining Vinyl Durable Vinyl Chairs, Sofas & Upholstered Furniture Went from Eww! to Wow! Quick game.  List the five words that come to mind…

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Furniture Standards on Flammability.


What the Heck is CAL. 117 & CAL. 133 Anyway? Explaining Flammability Standards in Upholstered Furniture.  California’s CAL. 117 and CAL. 133 are significant legislation regarding the flammability standards of upholstered furniture, reflecting a broader concern for safety and fire prevention in everyday environments, especially in public and commercial spaces. 117: Focus on Components (800)-969-4100 Get Quote Now 133: A…

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