Furniture Standards on Flammability.

What the Heck is CAL. 117 & CAL. 133 Anyway?

Explaining Flammability Standards in Upholstered Furniture. 

California Technical Bulletin 117 was enacted into California law in 1975.  CAL. 117 as it is commonly referred to created flammability standards for concealed filling materials and fabrics used on upholstered furniture.  A 1992 companion legislation created California Bulletin 133 (CAL. 133).  While CAL. 117 was primarily focused on filling, foam and fabric, CAL. 133 was designed to test the upholstered piece as a whole.  So, instead of looking at how well components performed as in CAL. 117, CAL. 133 tested the entire assembled piece of furniture.  The California legislations were considered to be comprehensive enough that many states adopted them to govern furniture standards for seating used in public areas.

In the contract furniture industry, CAL. 117 and CAL. 133 standards are widely understood.  A piece of furniture offered from a contract manufacturer or distributor typically discloses CAL legislation compliance up front to make complying with your specific requirements easy.  While many states and municipalities have adopted these standards, specific compliance requirements vary.  To find out exactly what is required for your facility, refer to your local Fire Martial.  Most facility managers are well-versed on the topic and will be able to direct you further should you have questions.

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