In Uncertain Times, Rely on Our Unwavering Commitment


With new reports every day about the state of the economy and what the future holds, these are uncertain times for those who write and manage organizations’ budgets. Flexibility stands to be as important as ever in the months ahead. As we at Furniture Concepts see our customers grappling with rising costs, we must show…

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A Shift In Perspective Seeing Furniture Choices As Investment Decision


With an intimidating number of choices in the marketplace, the people who are tasked with purchasing sustainable furniture for healthcare environments can often be left feeling overwhelmed. As with many decisions, one typically chooses the path of least resistance and purchases what is readily available and for the lowest cost. While this strategy may appear to…

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Introducing Natura:Balancing Innovation and Sustainability

4 1

Companies everywhere are being asked to be stewards of the environment with the same dedication they devote to their customers, and rightfully so. We see this effort to be better as a cornerstone of our mission at Furniture Concepts, and that’s why we are excited and honored to introduce our Natura line of products. Part of our…

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Safe Harbor Collection Meets Diverse Needs for Facilities

safe harbor landing page images

At Furniture Concepts we are committed to creating healing spaces that offer patients comfort on their journey to wellness. Each of the three lines in our Safe Harbor collection is designed to provide just what the name suggests: a safe space free of barriers to a healthy recovery. The three lines under Safe Harbor target diverse needs…

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Offer Peace in the New Year:Ligature-Resistant Furniture

group homes

As the year winds down, you’re probably seeking out a few traditional moments of peace. Whether it’s holiday gatherings with family or annual reflections on your professional accomplishments, setting worries aside is a universally healing experience. When a patient arrives at your treatment center, consider how powerful it can be to offer loved ones the peace of…

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Consider the Challenges of Transitional Housing

Reliable housing has become such a critical need in the United States that a growing number of hospital systems have taken up the cause. Providers from Sacramento to St. Louis to Cleveland are working hard to secure permanent and transitional housing for patients who have nowhere to go after inpatient visits—even if it means building…

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Managing Risks: Caring for your Caregivers

Caring for Caregivers

Managing risk in a healthcare setting becomes a complex task, requiring organizations to consider both the overtly unsafe act and the hidden danger in the environment. Each facility will have its own risk profile based on the characteristics of its physical space, workforce, and populations served. This is why it’s so important to have access…

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Do You Make These Common Furniture Buying Mistakes?

Furniture Concepts Tip House

Buying furniture is not quite everybody’s “cup of tea.”  Often, professionals whose primary responsibilities are patient care or administration face the task of buying furniture for their facility because their organization does not have a professional buyer.  While the task is a daunting one, the good news is that there are many good resources available! There are…

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Get Rid of Ugly Furniture Once and For All

need new furniture

ARE YOU TIRED OF YOUR FACILITY’S TIRED OLD FURNITURE?   It may be time to scrap the aging lounge and bedroom furniture and start fresh. So when you are ready to replace your facility’s furniture (or furnish a new facility) where do you start? Depending on the type of consumers, patients, or clients you serve you may…

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Who Else Wants Metal Bedroom Furniture?

11Furniture Safe Cleanable Durability Good Looking

Metal beds, metal dressers and chests have hit the contract furniture industry with a bang! With a focus on cleanliness and durability, metal furniture has gained a place of prominence for facilities that focus on health care or housing. So what makes contract metal furniture such a winner?  So how do you know if metal furniture…

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The Power of Furniture Designed for Behavioral Healthcare

Furniture Safe Cleanable Durability Good Looking

Practitioners of behavioral healthcare know that their patients are at a greater risk of suicide and self-harm than any other patient population. Safety is a primary concern of therapies used in any psychiatric facility. Behavioral healthcare furniture is important to managing risk appropriately to protect patients, visitors and staff.  Furniture and components can be used…

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The Power of the Right Upholstery Fabric

Contract Fabric Durable Fabric

When selecting contract fabrics for upholstered furniture, there are many things to consider. Contract furniture is always “made to order” due to the enormous variety of furniture styles and fabric types, finishes, patterns and colors. The possible combinations that can be created imagining the endless number of furniture styles plus hundreds of thousands of upholstery fabric and its variables…

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Why Crate Furniture is Still King

Common Room in Camp

The combination of value and durability for furnishings is probably top of most facility manager’s wish list. When furnishing a new facility, or refurnishing an existing facility, a minimum expectation for furniture performance is a two year replacement cycle with the hope that pieces will last five years. Very few projects are funded for high-end design price…

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The Power of a Good Bunk Bed

Durable Wood Metal Beds for Camps Furniture

As new college students are getting ready to move into their dorms and campers are getting ready for their summer fun, demand for furniture for dorms & quarters and summer camps is at its seasonal high. Housing and camp directors are in the heat of last minute preparation for the expected masses.  As heads are counted, the…

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Furniture for Behavioral Healthcare

behavioral healthcare furniture

Well Designed Behavioral Healthcare Facilities Benefit Both the Patients and Staff. In behavioral healthcare environments, the safety and comfort of staff and consumers is always top priority.Get the Complete TOUGH STUFF! CatalogElements from building design and hardware tofurniture and fixtures impact traffic flow, comfort, and the overall functionality of the space. Furniture Concepts, an industry leader…

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Take the Stress out of Furniture Buying for Group Living Facilities..


We talk to hundreds of people every month that draw the proverbial “short straw” and are now tasked with buying furniture for their healthcare, education, hospitality or recreation facility despite having no real buying experience.Many small to mid-sized facilities do not hire professional buyers.  Instead, they assign the task to a member of the administrative…

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Five Ways to Perfect Your BHC Day Space

Tough Stuff Mission Seating Group scaled

In behavioral healthcare, the goal is to get patients out of their rooms and into interactive, social environments. Physically ill patients need to primarily be in bed to heal but behavioral / psychological health patients need to be encouraged to come out of their rooms and engage in shared spaces. (800)-969-4100 Get Quote Now So…

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Contract Seating for  group Living

The term “DURABLE” stems from an economic concept of a good that has utility over an extended period of time.Durable furniture is an elevated standard given how many importers have stylistically copied the appearance and fashion of higher-end furniture manufacturers.  Of course, there’s always more to a book than the cover.  Inexpensive look-alikes cannot possibly have frames and components built…

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The Contract Furniture Trendsetter

Fluid incontinence Seating

In the world of ho-hum furniture for health care and facility furniture, things are heating up. The baby boomers are hitting the health care market en masse for both acute and extended care services. As the country’s largest consumer-base, the fifty-plus crowd are not just consumers of health care services, they are also decision-makers for respite care…

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fremont E1801G8

Statistics site obesity in the US at around 33% of the population. Something for Everybody AND EVERY BODY! SEATING WITH DIGNITY. Fortunately, there are more and more bariatric options available from contract furniture providers. Bariatric furniture includes a wide variety of wood, metal and upholstered seating pieces that are designed and tested to hold up to heavier weights then standard furniture pieces. Adding bariatric furniture to…

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9 Pieces of Furniture That Group Home Staff Can’t Live Without.

9 pieces of furniture camps3 1

The benefits of using the right furniture for a group home or group living facility are many. From comfort of the consumer to ease of use for staff to creating the feeling of home that reassures consumers’ families – the right furniture makes a difference. When selecting furniture for group homes and other heavy use environments, how do…

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8 Pieces of Furniture That Camp Staff Can’t Live Without

9 pieces of furniture camps3

Summer Camp and Retreat Centers have the difficult job of being the ultimate in flexible use spaces.Transforming group rooms from a meeting space, into an…activity space, into a worship space, and then into a communal dining space needs to happen quickly to keep customers, campers and staff happy and comfortable.The task is not a small one…

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Proving the Wood Crate Furniture Skeptics Wrong

mission style living room group

When it comes to selecting furniture for group living, treatment centers, or hospitality nothing comes close to the durability of classic wood-framed furniture or what is sometimes called “wood crate style” furniture.  At its 1980’s inception, classic wood-framed sofas, loveseats, lounge chairs and bedroom pieces were designed from actual heavy-duty shipping containers. But today’s versions are manufactured with purpose and craftsmanship.…

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Contract furniture Buying Check-List

contract upholstery

Reasons to Buy Contract Vs. Retail Furniture. When I asked customers about selecting contract-grade furniture, they are often unaware that there was furniture designed for non-residential applications. While the elements of good residential interior design might translate well into a commercial healthcare or group living environment, the furniture and fixtures do not. Furniture and fixtures for health care…

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How to Choose Contract Fabrics Like a Pro

post 1111

In the world of contract (non-retail) furniture, fabrics take on a whole new dynamic. Contract grade upholstery can get as technical as a Java code! Furniture and fabrics for heavy use and health care applications are made to exacting standards to ensure stability under constant use, resist staining, deter breakage, prevent fluid seepage, defend against bacteria and microbe growth, and…

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The Best Kind of Storage Beds for Your Facility

One of the greatest challenges of furnishing a group home or dormitory is offering enough personal storage space.Your residents will have a better transition to group living if they feel that their personal belongings are secure and that they have their own space that does not have to be shared with other residents. When space is…

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6 Tips for the Greatest Heavy Use Furniture Ever

Looks Like Home

Managers and executives in group living environments – from university housing to group homes – agree that the one of biggest challenges they have is buying furniture that is tougher than their clients.So when you have a tough crowd how do you choose furniture that is tougher? Here are six tips from savvy buyers who have…

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CAL 117 and CAL 133 flamatory laws explained easy

Addiction Recovery Furniture 1

 If you are reading this article chances are you have been told that your furniture needs to be compliant with the State of California Technical Bulletin 133, more commonly known as CAL 133 (also referred to as CAL133, Cal TB 133, TB133). For those of you saying “but I don’t live in California, what does…

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Limited Mobility & Incontinence Furniture

20130820 153018

Furniture Solutions for People with Limited Mobility & Incontinence. Seniors and others with limited mobility benefit from specialized seating for comfort, ease of use and safety. Facilities that specialize in the care of limited mobility clients and patients tend to pattern seating in common areas like that of a residence – clustered to encourage socialization, allow easy TV viewing, or…

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Why We Don’t Have Pricing On Our Website

Blank price tag

After browsing our available furniture products, you may notice that there aren’t any prices listed along with our various options. That’s not an accident; at Furniture Concepts, we want to help you find exactly what you need in order to determine the price. Furniture Pricing Based on Your Needs: When you order from Furniture Concepts, you’re…

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4 Big Benefits of Metal Furniture

IMG 20161221 135641 154

Choosing the right furniture for your organization is a big decision. One of the biggest decisions is to pick out which material works best for your environment. Furniture Concepts offers great contract furniture solutions in a variety of materials. Here are four ways that metal furniture can benefit your facility. Furniture That’s Easy to Manage: One of…

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5 Reasons to Buy Plastic Furniture

Molded Radial Rocker Furniture Concepts 3

Plastic furniture is more than just stackable chairs. Contract plastic furniture can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, and any other living area that requires durable, quality furniture options. Here are five reasons why you should consider ordering. 1. One-Piece Furniture: Our molded furniture is in one-piece design for increased strength. Our plastic is made with impact-resistant molds…

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Five Furniture Styles for Behavioral Health Environments

5Furniture Safe Cleanable Durability Health Caree

Behavioral healthcare organizations have very specific needs for their furniture. Safety is a huge concern for psychiatric facilities and other related areas as behavioral health patients are at a greater risk of self-harm and other dangerous acts. However, cold, uninviting institutional-like furnishings can have a negative effect on patients, which is why healthcare practitioners should look…

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Encouraging Independence Through Comfortable Incontinence Furniture


Accidents happen, but the right furniture can prevent an accident from becoming a big mess. Incontinence is an issue for health care facilities such as senior living homes. Limited mobility and incontinence sofas and chairs can help health care practitioners make cleanup an easier process while encouraging independence for senior patients. Here’s how quality incontinence furniture can…

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Furniture for disabled adults and what to look for when buying

5 DSC 0320 2 1

There really isn’t a “one size fits all” option for Furniture for disabled. Finding the right furniture options for a facility depends on the people that will end up using those chairs, tables, and other furnishings. When it comes to ordering group living and health care furniture that encourages maximum independence, your furniture needs to combine both…

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Why Facilities Choose Wood Crate Furniture


Wood crate furniture is more than just a DIY furniture option made by handy homeowners. This style of furniture has gone from old shipping containers to professionally-made bedroom dining, and common area furnishings designed for health care facilities, student housing, and summer camps. What makes wood crate furniture such a great option for organizations? Here are three reasons…

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The Different Types of Fabrics | Contract Furniture


Not all fabrics are created equal. Choosing a fabric is one of the most  important parts of buying contract furniture for a facility. The fabric you  choose impacts several different things, including the overall look, feel, and  capabilities of your furniture. Selecting a specific fabric style depends on what you want out of your  furniture.…

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What are Pop-Out and Clean-Out Seats?

PopOut IncontinenceSeats1

Accidents and spills can mean trouble. Incontinence issues, drink spills, and other messes can lead to bad stains and smells. Pop-out chairs and sofas can save you plenty of hassle and make the cleanup process easier that with typical furniture. Here’s how pop-out seating can help your facility. Benefits of Pop-Out Furniture: A single mess under a piece…

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How Furniture Concepts’ Website Features Help Our Customers

3 D Visualizer See How Fabric will Look

It’s not always easy to find the right contract furniture for your facility. Furniture Concepts simplifies this search through convenient website features that give you all of the information you need to make furniture decisions. Here’s how our website can help you find and order the right contract furniture for your facility.Find Contract Furniture with…

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Why Metal Makes Sense for Health Care Furniture


There used to be a time where metal healthcare furniture was viewed as a bare-bones, practical option for facilities that didn’t care about style. Fortunately, that time has come to an end. Modern metal health care furniture can provide both style and substance for facilities in need of durable furniture options. Here are two big reason why…

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Three Reasons Why Group Living Facilities Should Choose a Contract Furniture Distributor Over a Retail Outlet


Group living facilities can’t get by with just any old furniture. Each facility has special needs for its furniture and local retailers may have trouble meeting those requirements. contract furniture distributor can recommend the right furniture solutions for your facility. Here are three reasons why you should choose a contract furniture seller over a local retailer 1.…

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How to Pick a Mattress for Group Living Facilities

file 15948122

A good bed frame is important, but it’s hard to sleep on without the right mattress. Buying a mattress can be tricky for anyone, but it’s even harder when you have to buy several of them for a group living facility. The prospect of ordering dozens of mattresses is an expensive one, so it’s important that…

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Tough Stuff for a Tough Crowd: Solid Wood Behavioral Health Furniture

Tough Stuff Group Home Furntiure 1

When the average person buys furniture, they consider a few typical factors. How does the furniture look? Is it comfortable? Is it the right size? Each of these aspects will help buyers make a decision on which piece of furniture is best for them. Professionals at behavioral health facilities have to consider all of these factors and…

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The Joys of Shipping: How Furniture Concepts Ships Your Furniture


Ordering new furniture for your facility is exciting. Unfortunately, it won’t magically appear at your front door right after you order it. However, we do provide multiple convenient delivery methods that will make sure that your new furniture order makes it safely to your facility. Furniture Shipping Options  Furniture Concepts offers many options for people in…

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Creative Storage Options for Camp Bunk Beds

FC 1

Deciding on the right floor plan for a summer camp creative storage solutions can be very tricky. Summer camp professionals need to balance how many beds they can fit into a space while still leaving enough room for other summer camp furniture, such as storage options. However, beds can often win out, because campers are directly tied…

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Introducing the Quick Ship Program


Time is not always on your side when it you order furniture for your facility. Long lead times and pressing needs can make it difficult to get furniture for small projects with short deadlines, and that’s even if the furniture you can order is up to your standards. That’s why we started a special Quick Ship…

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Three Small Summer Camp Furniture Investments That Can Pay Off Big

Three Small Summer Camp Furniture Investments That Can Pay Off Big 2

It can be tricky to balance needs for new furniture and budget concerns. Summer camp administrators have to deal with this issue every year in order to keep their camps up to snuff for discerning parents. Fortunately, there are plenty of small investments summer camp administrators can make to appeal to potential campers. Here are three simple…

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How Summer Camps Get Bed Bugs

camp piankatank furnished by furniture concepts

Bed bug infestations is a serious problem for a summer camp. Not only can it be expensive to shut down the camp and hire an exterminator, there a lot of hidden costs that can affect your camp in the future. For example, the parents of your campers might decide to send their children elsewhere because…

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Camp bunk beds and three benefits

Three Benefits of Camp Bunk Beds

No matter what kind of summer camp you run, it’s always important to consider what type of beds you’ll need for your campers. Bunkbeds are a popular style of bed for summer camps, and for good reason. Here are three benefits that make bunkbeds a great fit for summer camps. SAVE ON SPACE: This benefit is huge…

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