CAL 133


In particular CAL 133 requires that furniture be manufactured with fire barriers that will prevent the spread of flames. 

Some fire codes recognize the expense of CAL 133 compliance and instead
require CAL 117 compliance.  CAL 117, or California Technical Bulletin 117,
tests foam flammability but not the flammability of the fully assembled
piece.  It is always essential to consult with local fire officials for your
specific requirements. 

  • While requirements may vary it is a guarantee that only contract providers can offer CAL 133 or CAL 117 compliant furniture.
  • Retail furniture sellers are not required to adhere to such stringent flammability codes and therefore are not the right place to buy for any public use space.

CAL 133, a stringent fire safety standard, mandates that furniture be manufactured with fire barriers to prevent the spread of flames. It’s a crucial requirement for public spaces, especially in healthcare and commercial settings.

However, some fire codes acknowledge the cost associated with CAL 133 compliance and opt for CAL 117 compliance instead. CAL 117, or California Technical Bulletin 117, primarily focuses on testing foam flammability, rather than the flammability of the fully assembled furniture piece. While it offers a level of fire safety, it may not meet the strictest requirements for certain public spaces.

It’s imperative to consult local fire officials to determine the specific fire safety standards applicable to your region and industry. Compliance is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety of occupants in public spaces.

When it comes to purchasing furniture for public use areas, retail furniture sellers may not always adhere to the stringent flammability codes required for such spaces. Therefore, it’s essential to source furniture from reputable contract furniture providers who specialize in meeting the necessary fire safety standards. This ensures that your furniture not only meets regulatory requirements but also prioritizes the safety of everyone who uses the space.

By choosing the right furniture provider that understands and complies with fire safety regulations, you can have peace of mind knowing that your public space is equipped with furniture that meets the highest safety standards, whether it’s CAL 133, CAL 117, or other relevant codes.

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