What Sets Transitional Housing Furniture Apart from Traditional Furniture?

What Sets Transitional Housing Furniture Apart from Traditional Furniture

Have you ever wondered how furniture could adapt to the ever-changing needs of healthcare facilities while maintaining elegance and functionality? This remarkable feat is made possible by the unique attributes of transitional housing furniture. In this guide, we unravel the secrets behind what sets transitional housing furniture apart from traditional furniture, particularly in catering to…

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Consider the Challenges of Transitional Housing

Reliable housing has become such a critical need in the United States that a growing number of hospital systems have taken up the cause. Providers from Sacramento to St. Louis to Cleveland are working hard to secure permanent and transitional housing for patients who have nowhere to go after inpatient visits—even if it means building…

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6 Tips for the Greatest Heavy Use Furniture Ever

Looks Like Home

Managers and executives in group living environments – from university housing to group homes – agree that the one of biggest challenges they have is buying furniture that is tougher than their clients.So when you have a tough crowd how do you choose furniture that is tougher? Here are six tips from savvy buyers who have…

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How to Minimize Cleanup Tasks in Residential Settings.

fluid reistent Fabirc for behavioral healthcare

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39% of seniors living in residential facilities experience incontinence issues. The associated cleanup tasks aren’t limited to the senior-care market, however. Camps, retreats and behavioral health treatment centers also need to create appropriate strategies for incidents involving bodily fluids. Ideally, fluid cleanup should involve a quick…

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