How to Minimize Cleanup Tasks in Residential Settings.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39% of seniors living in residential facilities experience incontinence issues. The associated cleanup tasks aren’t limited to the senior-care market, however. Camps, retreats and behavioral health treatment centers also need to create appropriate strategies for incidents involving bodily fluids.

Ideally, fluid cleanup should involve a quick mopping, allowing for an immediate return to the important work of caring for people. One simple way you can minimize the cleanup disruption in your residential setting is by choosing furniture and fabrics that repel fluids and guarantee a cleaner, more pleasant environment.

Materials for residential spaces

For example, modern vinyl materials are designed to completely repel fluids, forcing urine or spilled liquids to bead on the surface rather than become absorbed into the chair or sofa cushion. The pooled fluids can then be cleaned up in an instant.

Many vinyl options also have health-care grade topical treatments that reduce the risk of bacteria or microbe growth, which means your furniture will last longer, even after repeated cleaning. The protection also ensures that no odors linger.

And there’s an important distinction with vinyl: Unlike treated fabrics that offer fluid resistance, vinyl doesn’t require strict adherence to manufacturer-prescribed cleaning protocols. Simply use mild soap and water. 

Now have a look beneath the surface of the furniture. Many of our selections include removeable seat decks, which allow fluids to flow through, away from the furniture piece. By taking out the deck, staff is able to clean quickly without the need to move the furniture or disrupt the residents.

Furniture with a great look

Available in dozens of solid colors, a palette of patterns and coordinating collections, our modern vinyls are a best-value choice for upholstered furniture. The extra tough chairs, sofas and loveseats feel soft to the touch with comfortable design textures ranging from smooth to leather to tweed.

Options allow you to create the perfect interior look for your residents’ preferences. Your campers and young adult clients, for example, will feel at home with the Write Away collection (BTW: a simple alcohol wipe can remove ink marks and graffiti!). For seniors, the Interlace collection might be just the right amenity of sophistication. The many choices can complement any design.

If you’d like to know more about seniors and incontinence, the complete CDC report is here.

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