Consider the Challenges of Transitional Housing

Reliable housing has become such a critical need in the United States that a growing number of hospital systems have taken up the cause. Providers from Sacramento to St. Louis to Cleveland are working hard to secure permanent and transitional housing for patients who have nowhere to go after inpatient visits—even if it means building apartments on the hospital campus itself.

As it turns out, providing housing makes financial sense for the hospital while also helping the community. That’s a win-win in our book. We expect to see this trend continue because the need is so great.

We also know that the challenges of creating and maintaining transitional housing units are many. Operators want to provide a dignified, safe environment while being good stewards of the public and private funding that supports their mission. And choosing the right furniture is part of the overall strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the common challenges for transitional housing.

1. Keeping facilities clean/sanitary

One of the best ways to keep transitional housing clean is to design the space simply with heavy duty furniture that will hold up to high use. Our Metal Bunk Beds are often the top choice for overnight accommodation because the 18-gauge steel frames offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance. We also recommend any of our Molded Plastic Chairs, which are made of high-impact polyethylene that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Additionally, residences must be equipped to manage occasion incontinence. Modern vinyl materials available for our line of chairs and sofas are designed to completely repel fluids, forcing urine or spilled liquids to bead on the surface rather than become absorbed. The pooled fluids can then be cleaned up in an instant.

All of these selections are suitable for the prevention of bed bugs and other pests as well.

2. Maximizing facility space to accommodate more residents

The majority of shelters focus on overnight housing to ensure safety from outdoor temperature extremes and to offer guests a beneficial good night’s sleep. Most facilities are looking to optimize their spaces to allow as many people to stay for the night as possible.

We recommend our Super Rugged Wood Bunk Beds because they provide heavy duty, solid wood construction and a variety of space-saving configurations to accommodate families as well as individuals. For example, our Single/Double Bunk Bed allows Mom and Dad to sleep on the bottom bunk and a child to sleep on the top bunk. With built-in side ladders, the beds are available in several sizes to fit just right.

3. Providing storage for personal items

It’s no secret that space can be an issue for transitional housing. By offering Metal Storage, facilities can ensure that guests keep their possessions secure and away from areas where they might cause trip-and-fall accidents. The most important feature of our storage options is the ability to customize the configuration to meet the needs of your facility guests.

We offer Underbed Chests, Wardrobes and Nightstands with industry-leading warranties. Each one offers economical capacity to store clothing and personal items. Most pieces arrive assembled and ready to use.

4. Behavioral health concerns

Many individuals with behavioral health concerns face the added burden of unreliable housing. Meeting their needs requires some extra forethought.

For example, if contraband is a concern, our Wood and Molded Plastic Anti-Contraband collections allow for easy inspection that doesn’t seem intrusive. In addition, the beds, desks and chests offer added safety by minimizing ligature risk.

Many of our Molded Plastic Chairs can be weighted or bolted to the floor to prevent them from being moved or picked up. In addition, our popular one-piece Radial Rocker is durable enough for a 1,500 pound static load. That’s tough!

While there are a number of unique challenges when providing transitional housing or overnight shelter, the right furniture can lend the safety and durability your guests require. Remember that we’re always pleased to create custom designs for any group housing space, so don’t be shy about sharing your vision with us.

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