Upholstery Vinyls, Why it’s Now a Good Option.

Upholstery Vinyls, Why it's Now a Good Option.

Durable Vinyl Chairs, Sofas & Upholstered Furniture Went from Eww! to Wow!

Quick game.  List the five words that come to mind when you hear the word “vinyl.”  Chances are your answers were somewhere in the neighborhood of hot, sticky, sweaty, uncomfortable, ugly, and dated. 

Well, that was the vinyl of your childhood.  The vinyl of today only vaguely resembles the vinyl of yesterday.  No longer just the less expensive alternative to leather, vinyl has morphed from the plastic-like surface that stuck to your skin to a soft, supple line of highly-durable upholstery. 

Today’s generation of vinyls not only has a new look and feel, it also offers fashion-forward colors, embossments, and patterns. 

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Vinyl Upholstery: A Cost-Effective, High-Performance, and Eco-Friendly Option

  • When considering upholstery for your health care, education, hospitality or recreation environment, vinyl can offer above average durability, fluid-resistance, and stain-resistance. These properties make it ideal for environments that demand resilience and cleanliness.
  • The modern generation of vinyls presents an attractive price point. While they may not be the cheapest option in the market, their cost is considerably lower than that of woven fabrics treated for fluid and stain resistance. This affordability and enhanced qualities make them a sensible choice for budget-conscious yet quality-driven buyers.
  • The contemporary upholstery landscape offers an exciting proposition: the ability to balance cost, performance, and style. With advancements in fabric technology, customers no longer have to compromise on any of these aspects. The current range of upholstery choices, including advanced vinyl, allows for a combination of low cost, high performance, and appealing aesthetics.
  • For more assistance go to “Fabric Characteristics: selecting the right fabric”  can provide invaluable advice for those seeking further information on choosing the appropriate fabric for their needs. These resources help understand the specific attributes of different fabrics, making informed decisions tailored to individual requirements.
  • Vinyl Upholstery also comes in a green, eco-friendly choice. Green upholstery has become an increasingly viable product line for many fabric mills now offering sustainable options. This development particularly appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and organizations, allowing them to choose upholstery that aligns with their green initiatives without compromising quality or aesthetics.

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