Metal vs. Wood: Choosing the Right Summer Camping Bunk Beds

Wood Metal Bunks

Bunk beds are a tremendous space saver for summer camps, but not all bunk beds are created equal. When it comes to choosing the right wood and metal bunk beds for summer camps, sturdiness and durability are two major features you should look for.

Furniture Concepts provides several durable bunk bed options made of wood or metal. Which style bunk bed for camps is the best? That depends on what qualities you need for your summer camp.

The Benefits of Wood Bunk Beds:

It’s hard to find a sturdier option than a great wooden bunk bed. Even after years of hard use, you don’t have to worry about having a wood bunk bed rust, bend, or dent. Even a few nicks can be easily mended to restore wood to its natural beauty. A good wooden bunk bed also has a classic, sturdy look to it that may appeal to certain summer camps.

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The Benefits of Metal Bunk Beds:

Metal bunk beds provide more of a modern look than some of their wooden counterparts. Also, metal bunk beds can be made with metal rods on tubes, making them lighter and easier to move around than some more solid options without sacrificing on durability. Our metal bunk beds are also designed for use in tough living environments where summer campers may have occasional behavioral outburst or other potential issues.

Durable Bunk Beds That Will Last:

No matter your choice, it’s important that your summer camp bunk beds are built to last. Both our metal and wood bunk beds are designed for heavy use and can become a staple for your camps for years to come. And both are CPSC and ACA CompliantCreate a Furniture Concepts Wish List today to get a quote on the bunk beds you need for your summer camps.

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