Creative Storage Options for Camp Bunk Beds

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Deciding on the right floor plan for a summer camp creative storage solutions can be very tricky. Summer camp professionals need to balance how many beds they can fit into a space while still leaving enough room for other summer camp furniture, such as storage options. However, beds can often win out, because campers are directly tied to income while cabinets can’t really help you pay the bills.

Even with this issue, extra storage furniture can be very helpful for campers. So how can summer camp professionals manage to offer more storage options without eating into valuable space? By utilizing creative summer camp furniture. Here are three storage options that can help your summer camp.

Trundle Bed Storage Box

If you don’t have room next to a bunk bed, you can always try underneath it. A trundle bed storage box is a solid wood container made with caster wheels that allows campers to roll the box out from under their bed. This keeps personal items stored away without having random possessions strewn about on the floor.

Under Bed Chest

Like the storage box, the under bed chest utilizes some unused space for storage. However, the chest comprises of a pair of solid wood drawers. This allows two separate campers to have their own storage space under a bed instead of sharing one open box.

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Hook-on Shelf 

The Hook-on toolless shelf moves the storage from the ground to the end of the bed. This solid wood shelf hooks right on to the footboard of ladder end single and double bunk beds, offering a simple storage solution that won’t take up any extra floor space. Even better, it already comes preassembled and simply slides onto ladder end bunk beds, so you don’t need any tools to secure it in place.

Bunk Bed Furniture 

You don’t need to sacrifice bed space in order to provide your campers with creative storage solutions option. Furniture Concepts can provide your facility with the summer camp furniture you need for your business to succeed. Start your very own Furniture Concepts Wish List today and get a price on your selected furniture from one of our experts. If you have any other questions, contact Furniture Concepts online or give us a call at 800-969-4100 today to get a summer camp furniture solution for your facility.

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