Quick Tips to Finding the Best Special Needs Furniture Provider


If You Work in a HEALTHCARE FACILITY That Strives to Offer Independent Living to Consumers and Patients, You Already Know that FURNITURE PLAYS A CRITICAL ROLE.

Furniture is not only essential for productive activities and organized dining; the furniture design itself can become an important element in the quest for real independence. So Why NOT Buy Retail?

-Administrators who want  to give their consumers a home-like environment quickly discover that retail furniture falls short of meeting their demands.  

-The furniture store that is perfectly suitable for residential homes is not suitable for individuals with special needs including incontinence, limited mobility, behavioral outbursts or repetitive behaviors.

-The “value” of buying local is quickly diminished by shorter buying cycles due to construction methods not designed for heavy use and a lack of design considerations that foster independent living.

Benefits of Contract Furniture Providers

Contract furniture providers have spent time and money working to design best in class, highly durable furniture that is made to standards only found in the contact furniture industry.

Acute and non-acute Health care services are one of the largest segments of the US economy. As such, it only makes sense that specialized furniture providers give the Health care industry the time and attention required to make products that speak directly to the needs of administrators, direct services providers, consumers and the consumer’s family.

Tips for Best Special Needs Furniture Provider

Here are a few quick tips that will help you find the best contract furniture provider to fill your special needs furniture requirements.   

1.)  Look for advertisements and buyer’s guides in trusted industry publications and resources. This should give you an excellent place to start your search for the best contract furniture provider. Also, use search engines like Google to search using words related to the areas of highest concern. For example, Googling “group home furniture” will return results including some well-known industry leaders.

2.) Ask for installation photos of past jobs. A picture is worth a thousand words. Since most contract furniture purchases are made to order, seeing sample pieces is typically not an option. So, ask for pictures of other jobs similar to yours to help give you an idea of what is being offered.

3.) Ask for testimonials or referrals. Referrals can be a little labor-intensive but if you don’t mind the leg-work, they are an excellent way to verify the quality of your furniture provider. Testimonials are a quicker way to get a feel for the competencies of the company you are considering. Many contract furniture providers post testimonials right on their website for easy access.

4.) Ask for details related to any specialized products designed for the specific needs of your consumers. If limited mobility, incontinence or behavioral outbursts are an everyday reality chances are there is a solution using specially designed furniture and fabrics.

5.) Ask others in your field for recommendations of contract furniture providers that they have been successful with. Remember, the value equation goes beyond price. Getting the right merchandise at the right price needs to be supported by the right service and the right advice!

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Selecting the best special needs furniture provider requires thorough research and consideration of factors beyond price. By partnering with a reputable contract furniture provider, healthcare facilities can ensure they receive high-quality products tailored to the unique needs of their consumers, promoting independence and comfort in their living spaces.

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