Details Make a Difference In Furniture Quality and Customer Satisfaction

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Quality and customer satisfaction matters. It’s true for automobiles, electronics and even health services.
That’s why we’re not surprised that the “Best Hospitals” list produced by U.S. News & World Report still receives positive feedback, even now in its 30th year. We’re especially pleased to hear that for the first time standardized patient satisfaction scores were added to the Best Hospitals quality measures.

Sure, everyone wants excellent medical care, but clinical reputation alone won’t make up for things like poor communication or negative attitudes. High quality must also include good service—all the way down to the level of each individual patient’s experience.

It’s refreshing to see industry observers placing such value on patient satisfaction. After all, consumerism is emerging as the most important trend of the year among doctors and nurses as well as CEOs and board members.

Good quality, good experience
When it comes to quality design in your care settings, details matter. At Furniture Concepts, we pay attention to every detail of our furniture pieces to ensure that our quality meets your expectations and far exceeds the construction benchmarks of any retail furniture option.

Although institutional styles today mimic retail furniture in order to make patients and clients feel at home, the manufacturing process for contract furniture is dramatically different than retail. Our construction methods result in frames with superior durability, using components that have been tested against standards used by organizations such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As just one example, our TOUGH STUFF! line of casegoods features drawers with sides made of 9-ply hardwood, reinforced bottoms and finger dovetail joints that hold together in even the busiest residential centers. Heavy-duty metal ball-bearing guides, which allow the drawers to open and close smoothly, have a 100-pound test load capacity. That’s tough!

The solid wood that we use for the frame and finish is precision trimmed and finely sanded with 150 grit, which means you can see and feel the quality instantly. And we have zero tolerance for splices, cracks or splits in our wood. You’ll notice the difference, and your patients will too.

But just as the Best Hospitals list recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction, the team at Furniture Concepts knows top quality must also be supported by the value of a good buying experience. As a family owned company, we’ve built our legacy on listening to our customers, consulting and responding with one-on-one attention, based on individual needs.

Need a hand visualizing your space? We can do that. Trying to make the buying process easier across your entire enterprise? Our Purchasing Programs makes that happen. Got a quick question? Our team knows you by name.

Certainly everyone says quality and satisfaction are important, but it’s the details that make all the difference.

You can see the newly released “Best Hospitals” list for 2019 here:

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