Furniture for incontinence– Part 1

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Caring for residents and clients with urinary incontinence can be frustrating for staff. 

Achieving sanitation requirements, managing client comfort and preserving furniture and flooring can be difficult priorities for a busy staff.  Fortunately, there are ways to make dealing with indulgence easier through steps as easy as using furniture that is designed to make clean-ups less strenuous.  In our three part series, we will walk you through furniture construction and fabric options that can relieve the stress of even heavy indulgence issues.

  • The most recent development is pop-out seats.  In pop-out construction the seat cushion is upholstered with a solid bottom – also called a solid deck.  The solid deck, the foam core and spring unit are encased in upholstery giving the appearance of a typical seat cushion. However, the entire pop-out seat lifts easily out of the furniture frame to allow staff to mop under furniture without ever moving it.
  • Pop-out seating pieces are additionally designed with a strategic slope that aids urine and other fluids down to the floor without collection on the seat itself.

Caring for residents and clients with urinary incontinence can indeed present challenges for healthcare staff. Balancing sanitation requirements, client comfort, and the preservation of furniture and flooring can be a demanding task, especially in busy care settings. Fortunately, there are practical steps that can be taken to ease the burden on staff and improve the overall environment for both caregivers and residents. In this three-part series, we will explore various aspects of furniture construction and fabric options that can significantly simplify the management of incontinence issues.

Part 1: Construction and Design

One of the most recent innovations that has greatly eased the challenges of dealing with incontinence issues is the introduction of pop-out seats. This clever construction design involves upholstering the seat cushion with a solid bottom, also known as a solid deck. The solid deck, along with the foam core and spring unit, is encased in upholstery, giving it the appearance of a typical seat cushion. However, what sets it apart is its remarkable functionality.

The entire pop-out seat is designed to lift easily out of the furniture frame, allowing staff to access the area underneath the furniture without the need to move it. This innovative feature revolutionizes the cleaning process, making it far less strenuous and time-consuming for caregivers. It not only ensures that sanitation requirements are met but also contributes to the preservation of both furniture and flooring.

By investing in furniture with pop-out seats, healthcare facilities can reduce the physical demands on staff, streamline the cleaning process, and create a more comfortable and hygienic environment for residents and clients. In our upcoming articles, we will delve deeper into fabric options and additional strategies that can further enhance the management of incontinence challenges. Stay tuned for more insights on making the care process more efficient and less frustrating for healthcare staff.

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