Multiple-Use Furniture

When selecting furniture for a multiple-use facility, choosing furniture that is readily adaptable & ready for anything is essential.

Folding dining tables and stacking furniture is a highly durable way to make any space multi-use. Modern day stacking chairs can be high-style and comfortable.  When paired with folding tables, any space can be converted from an open meeting space to a picture perfect dining space for a crowd of any size.
Folding dining tables, by necessity, are often made of lightweight materials like molded plastic and high-density polyethylene plastic.  The lightweight-design makes set up and tear down easier on staff.  For spaces that are morphed from one use to the next with a high frequency, heavier-weight laminate over solid surface tables are slightly more cumbersome but are typically equipped with wheels that allow for quick fold and store.  These types of tables can even be made with attached benches and seats for a one-and-done set up.

To create a more intimate dining or gather space, smaller scale wood, laminate or metal tables offer highly customizable designs with flip-top mechanisms.  With a quick press of the flip device, the table top folds up to make the tables less space-consuming.  These types of tables are more substantial with more of a design aesthetic yet are still flexible enough to be used in a multi-use setting.  As with any contract furniture, look for a provider who can discuss all your options and make recommendation that will be right for you, your staff, your space and, most importantly, your budget.    

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