Introducing Natura:Balancing Innovation and Sustainability

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Companies everywhere are being asked to be stewards of the environment with the same dedication they devote to their customers, and rightfully so. We see this effort to be better as a cornerstone of our mission at Furniture Concepts, and that’s why we are excited and honored to introduce our Natura line of products.

Part of our expanded Safe Harbor collection that’s designed to ensure safety and comfort in group living environments, Natura features all-natural materials emphasizing sustainability but not sacrificing aesthetics. Natura pieces are constructed with the trademarked material ACRE, 100% upcycled from rice hulls. This innovative building material offers a similar look to wood but with a performance superior to wood or molded plastic.

ACRE is completely tree-free and also free of phenol, formaldehyde and adhesives. It offers high durability and is resistant to water, pests and extreme weather, making Natura pieces ideal for environments where security and healing are a priority. Natura is one of three lines in our expanded Safe Harbor collection.

Selecting the modern look of Natura furnishings affirms your commitment to both the comfort of your clients and the sustainability of our resources. This will go a long way toward earning the trust of your clients and the larger community you serve. 

You can create optimal spaces for healing without compromising the greater good for our planet — you don’t have to choose one goal at the expense of the other. Partner with Furniture Concepts to achieve eco-friendly solutions that can enhance your healing space and help take care of the world around us.

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