How to Pick a Mattress for Group Living Facilities

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A good bed frame is important, but it’s hard to sleep on without the right mattress. Buying a mattress can be tricky for anyone, but it’s even harder when you have to buy several of them for a group living facility.

The prospect of ordering dozens of mattresses is an expensive one, so it’s important that you find quality options that will last a long time and provide the right properties for your consumers. Here are some tips to help you pick out mattresses for your facility.

Confirm Bed Sizes:

Mattress, it’s important to know what size mattresses you’ll need for your beds, because a full mattress won’t work out too well on a twin bed frame. Contract furniture sellers offer a wide range of mattresses, but they won’t be able to guess the size of your beds. Measure the length and width of your beds and compare the measurements to mattress sizes to make sure you don’t order the wrong ones.

Select a Mattress Style:

There are a few different mattress styles that buyers can select. These include box spring and innerspring mattresses made with a coiled support systems and fiber core or foam core mattresses made with various thicknesses and densities.Not sure what mattress is the best option for your consumers? A design consultant from a furniture contract seller can point about benefits of each style and suggest which one is right for the people at your facility.

Invest in Mattress Covers:Nobody wants to deal with a stained mattress. Accidents can happen in group living facilities, which is why fluid-resistant mattress covers are designed to keep body fluid and spills from permeating your mattresses.Fluids aren’t the only things you need to watch for. Bed bugs can quickly spread to several areas in group living facilities, leading to several headaches and a need for exterminators. Bed bug resistant mattress covers can help you avoid unfortunate infestations and keep patients comfortable.

Group Home Mattresses for Your Patients:

A good mattress can lead to a good night’s rest, both for the patient and the buyer. Furniture Concepts can help you find mattress solutions that fit both your patients’ needs and your budget. Create your own Wish List to get a price on your order or contact us today to talk to a contract furniture expert about how we can help your facility.

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