What are Pop-Out and Clean-Out Seats?

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Accidents and spills can mean trouble. Incontinence issues, drink spills, and other messes can lead to bad stains and smells. Pop-out chairs and sofas can save you plenty of hassle and make the cleanup process easier that with typical furniture. Here’s how pop-out seating can help your facility.

Benefits of Pop-Out Furniture:

A single mess under a piece of furniture can cause quite a headache. A spill can force cleaners to move several pieces of furniture in order to make enough room to get to the spill. Pop-out and clean-out seats are designed with easy-to-remove seats and a lightweight frame so that you don’t have to deal with that hassle.

Removable seats leave a large opening so your cleaners can mop up messes without dealing with the rest of the room. Pop-out seats are made with a bottomless reservoir so that are fluids drains straight to the floor instead of getting caught up in the furniture frames.

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Additional Features of Removable Chairs and Sofas:

In order to have various spills slide straight to the ground, they have to make it past the cushions. Pop-out chairs and sofas can be upholstered in fluid- and stain-resistant fabrics to prevent absorption. No absorption means that your cushions won’t stain or smell after you clean up a mess. Certain fabrics even feature anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Nobody wants some unwanted gunk growing in their furniture.

Quality Pop-Out Furniture for Health Care Facilities:

Accidents and spills can be a normal occurrence for health care facilities. Pop-out seating makes it easier to deal with incontinence and other issues while protecting your furniture investment. Create your own Furniture Concepts wish list today to get a no-responsibility quote on pop-out furniture for your organization.

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