Safe Harbor Collection Meets Diverse Needs for Facilities

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At Furniture Concepts we are committed to creating healing spaces that offer patients comfort on their journey to wellness. Each of the three lines in our Safe Harbor collection is designed to provide just what the name suggests: a safe space free of barriers to a healthy recovery.

The three lines under Safe Harbor target diverse needs for group living environments.

The Cove collection offers solid wood construction in a ruggedly classic style. Its emphasis on function makes it ideal for the heaviest-use spaces.

The Regatta collection combines function and aesthetics to offer a more modern look. These pieces convey a home-like feel, making this collection a great fit for operators of transitional group living environments.

The Natura line is the most nurturing collection, using all-natural materials to create optimal spaces for healing. These pieces offer the warmth and feel of wood but are made from material 100% upcycled from rice hulls, making this a sustainable option that is still aesthetically sound.

All products under the Safe Harbor collection share important qualities that are essential to sound patient service in your organization. They are durable, easy to clean and ligature-resistant, and have been designed to meet the multifaceted needs your patients experience.

We can work with you to understand which of these options will best serve your healing community. Each can create a secure and calming environment that will give patients space to focus on the work they need to do to reach their goals.

The Importance of Creating a SAFE HARBOR

The Safe Harbor Collection: has been mindfully created specifically

for use in facilities where safety and security are of the utmost concern.

These lines have been compassionately designed with patients in mind so

that they can receive the care that they need without compromising


Ligature-Resistant. Security Features. Durable.

Just as boats return to the calm waters of a harbor when they are in

need of some respite, there are times in all of our lives when we are in

need of a safe space away from the storm.

It is both our mission and privilege to create these healing spaces

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