Replacement Cushions: A Small Investment That Can Pay Off Big.

Replacement Cushions Save Money 1

It can be tricky to balance needs for new furniture cushions and budget concerns. group living facilities and summer camps have to deal with this issue every year in order to keep their facilities and camps up to snuff for discerning clients/parents. 

Replace Chair and Couch Cushions:

Cushions on wood frame seating can start to look pretty dingy after extensive use. Add in a few spills or accidents and it might be time to freshen up your couches, chairs, and other seating items.

This doesn’t mean that you should automatically order some brand new couches. Replacement cushions and arm caps can help you revive your perfectly good couch without nearly as much financial investment.

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Choose from 100’s of fabrics! We realize that choosing color, pattern, fabric type, and performance characteristics is a lot of decisions. Below is a helpful guide, but always remember that a reputable contract furniture supplier offers free design consultation and can take that task off your plate.

•Color is an obvious consideration.  Color sets the mood for a room. Depending on the existing décor or tone of your facility, color can be used play up contemporary elements of the buildings design or conversely can be used to tone down more dated elements. Warm colors complement traditional designs and cool colors tend to highlight contemporary design. Mixing colors within a single room setting can add drama and can improve the overall look of a room compared to a single, repeating color. When mixing colors, look for colors that harmonize rather than contrast to create more of a designer look. 

•Pattern is probably the most intimidating selection for many contract buyers.   Patterns do not always age well.  What is hip and trendy today might quickly end up looking like yesterday’s news.  Big, graphic patterns can be the riskiest patterns choices but the right selection can really add drama when the building design lacks character. The scale of the pattern should be in balance with the size of the room so large, bold patterns would not be an ideal match for a small room with small-scale furniture. Large, open spaces can accommodate more pattern. A designer trick for using large pattern in a room is to find a color that is present in small quantities in the patterned fabric and select a solid color fabric in that color. Use the large, bolder pattern on chairs and loveseats and use the solid color on the larger pieces like sofas to create a high-end look. 

Durable furniture fabric is essential in any contract environment. Some qualities to look for include thread count, double rub results and fiber type:

•The higher the thread count, the more durable the fabric since the weave of the material is denser and therefore more durable. 

•Double rub results measure the number of times fabric can withstand being rubbed together under standardized, laboratory testing. The higher the double rub results the more durable the fabric. Results from 15,000 double rubs on up indicate better performance for heavy-use environments.  Results as high as 100,000 and above are commonly available from contract furniture suppliers.

•Fibers can be man made or natural. Man made fibers like acrylic, nylon, olefin and vinyl offer a higher degree of durability and stain and soil resistance than natural fibers. In addition to their inherent stain and soil resistance, many fabric treatments are available through contract suppliers that offer an additional measure of dependability. Crypton is far and away the most common fabric treatment for contract facilities. Crypton is a process that is applied on top, bottom and within the weave of the fabric resulting in a fluid and soil barrier that keeps fabric clean as well as hygienic.

When working on projects for your camps/facility, make sure to work with an experienced professional who is familiar with your customers and consumers.


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