Buying the Right Mattress for Your Facility

Why Choose Fiber Core Mattresses?

The Benefits of Fiber Core Mattresses:

Fiber is the new word in mattresses.  PFS, or Performance Fiber Systems, are an environmentally friendly option for health care, education, hospitality and recreation environments.  Fiber core mattresses are made from recycled contents that are “green” certified to contain no hazardous byproducts.  Constructed using environmentally safe raw materials and processes, fiber mattresses are considered environmentally sustainable.  Recyclable materials are processed into polyester fibers that are molded to create a filling that can be formed to varying mattress thicknesses.  The fiber core system is not only green, but the resulting mattress is hypoallergenic and provides comfort comparable to foam. Fiber mattresses also meet Cal. 117 flammability requirements.  The mattress surface can be covered in anything ranging from soft, fluid resistant to SoFlux nylon to rugged, highly durable vinyls.  The result?  A mattress that is a good fit for anything from group homes to camps to student housing.

Tips on Choosing the Right Mattress:

-Mattresses are not all alike.  There may be significant differences beneath the cover that result in greater comfort and support for the sleeper, as well as durability and lower cost for the purchaser.  Most agencies request fluid-proof covers when multiple people will use mattresses.  This prevents any kind of accidental penetration of bodily fluids or parasitic infestations.  
No need to be overwhelmed at the prospect of purchasing mattresses.  It is really a simple, two-step process – pick your core then pick your cover.  Try using the chart below to make your decision effortless:

Which mattress cover is best for heavy incontinence?

-Many people offer SoFlux, Vinylized Nylon, Traditional Vinyl, and Correct Tick fluid-resistant mattress covers. The difference between the cover types is really feel. SoFlux is a soft, nylon cover that most closely resembles the feel of a typical residential mattress. Traditional Vinyl is a more rugged cover that has less give and may be most comfortable for temporary residents. Correct Tick is the newest advance in vinyl and is engineered to have a softer, more durable surface than traditional vinyls. Each cover offers a substantial degree of fluid-resistance, especially for incontinence, but Correct Tick and Traditional Vinyl are the most impenetrable for long saturations. As with any fluid-barrier, urine or other fluid spills should be given prompt attention to protect the life of the furniture or mattress.

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Bed Bug Prevention:

  -Don’t forget that experts agree that a necessary element in all bed bug prevention plans is to encase all mattresses and box springs with bedbug-proof encasements. Encasements trap existing bedbugs, prevent new bedbugs from nesting in the mattress or box spring, and make it easier for staff to identify evidence of bedbugs such as fecal or blood spots. 

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