Why Healthcare Facilities Should Prioritize Bariatric Chairs for Staff Safety

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The rising prevalence of obesity in the United States has created a pressing need for specialized healthcare furniture. Bariatric chairs, designed to support higher weight capacities, are essential in providing the safety and comfort of patients and staff. By prioritizing bariatric chairs, healthcare facilities can enhance staff safety, improve patient care, and increase operational efficiency.…

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Should I Choose a Bunk Bed or Two Singles for My Facility?

Two bedroom images with bunk beds, one with blue bedding and one with pink bedding.

Selecting the proper bed setup in human service programs and behavioral healthcare facilities is a crucial decision that significantly impacts patient care, staff efficiency, and overall facility management. Beds are not merely pieces of furniture; they are integral to the well-being, comfort, and safety of the individuals who use them. Facility managers often face the…

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