Karyl Walker

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It is both a privilege and a responsibility to provide compassionate solutions for underserved populations.

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Nick Lewandowski

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Smooth logistics and open communication are the keys to ensuring every transaction runs as efficiently as possible.

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Katie Krizek

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I enjoy thinking outside the box and being resourceful for our customers. I will go above and beyond to ensure they have what they need!

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Tiffany Fenner


I feel inspired and grateful to be working for a company with such a positive company-wide culture.

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Karen Muriango

I keep everything straight for both our factory and office locations – a balanced checkbook is a happy checkbook!

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Jason Walker


With a smile on my face, I enjoy problem-solving and answering any inquiries that customers send my way.

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Andrea Sternberg


I aim to be seen as a source of trust and value for my customers so that we form a long-lasting professional relationship over time.

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Sage Walker

I stay on top of market trends and am well acquainted with our product offerings so that I can best assist our customers with their selections.

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Jeff Romito

Your trusted furniture advisor for creating comfortable, stylish, and functional group living environments.

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Zach Johns

Creating comfortable and stylish group living spaces you can trust. Your go-to furniture advisor for every shared environment.

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Kitty Coleman

Checks and balances – literally! I assist in the accounting department to help keep things flowing along smoothly!

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CJ Vest

I support our furniture advisors to make sure they have what they need to ensure smooth interactions with our customers.

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Anissa Corn

My goal is to provide seamless support to the sales staff and help ensure that every interaction goes as smoothly as possible.

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Debbie Bednar

Empowering the sales team to ensure every transaction is seamless and every customer leaves satisfied.

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