4 Big Benefits of Metal Furniture

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Choosing the right furniture for your organization is a big decision. One of the biggest decisions is to pick out which material works best for your environment. Furniture Concepts offers great contract furniture solutions in a variety of materials. Here are four ways that metal furniture can benefit your facility.

Furniture That’s Easy to Manage:

One of the biggest benefits of metal furniture is how easy it is to clean. Unlike other materials, metal won’t absorb various fluids or chemicals. That means you won’t have to worry about any stains. Plus, cleanup is much easier when everything stays on the surface.

Another advantage is that metal furniture is more resistant to bed bug infestations than other materials. Bed bugs like to live in little creases and folds, but metal furniture is a truly flat surface that leaves no room for bed bugs to hide away.

The Durability of Metal:

Your furniture should be built to last. Metal is a great material for extreme use, making it a natural choice for group living environments. Our metal contract furniture features a well-sealed finish to defend against everything from drink stains to big scratches.

Different Looks for Different Rooms:

Powder-coated paint finishes can give metal furniture a distinctive look. If you’re looking for the classic feel of wood furniture, earthy finishes can give you the look of wood with the benefits of metal. We can also provide metal furniture with bright, bold colors to add some excitement to your floor plan.

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Long-term Savings:

Changing out furniture every few years is expensive. Metal furniture can last over 15 years, even in hard-use environments. Even better, metal furniture will still look good in later years, so you won’t have to hold on to a dingy, beat-up bunkbed to save on money.

See the benefits of metal contract furniture for yourself and start a proposal request by creating a furniture Wish List. Once you submit your list, you’ll get a price on metal beds, tables, and other items suited to your specific needs. Furniture is a big investment, and we can help you get pieces that will last you for years to come.

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