A Shift in Perspective: Seeing Furniture Choices as an Investment Decision

A Shift in Perspective: Seeing Furniture Choices as an Investment Decision

With an intimidating number of choices in the marketplace, the people who are tasked with purchasing furniture for healthcare environments can often be left feeling overwhelmed. As with many decisions, one typically chooses the path of least resistance and purchases what is readily available and for the lowest cost. While this strategy may appear to work well in the short-term, it fails to account for whether these choices offer the best long-term investment.  

Partnering for Longevity

Furniture Concepts partners with clients throughout the buying process. We offer mindful design solutions that are both durable and timeless. Starting with our first call, we can help you identify the furniture that will best serve your clients, staff, and overall vision. We offer replaceable components on many of our products which can greatly extend the lifetime of your furniture and allows for décor changes over time.

Enhancing Long-Term Value

We are in the business of creating long lasting relationships with our clients. We are available anytime to answer questions and can always provide cleaning and care tips and tricks for all upholstery and finishes. To top it off, we offer industry leading warranties so that you can purchase with peace of mind and confidence. 

Taking a Strategic Approach

As a solution-based company our goal is to provide every client with useful information so that they can best assess their needs, both for the short-term and the long-term. The Center for Health Design considers decision making that takes a long-term investor’s view as a key goal for evidence-based design. A long-term perspective will help ensure that your purchases reinforce your organization’s goals for ongoing performance improvement.

Key Considerations for Furniture Selection

Here are some of the questions facilities should routinely ask about the furniture they are considering for purchase: 

• Image: Do they reflect the organization’s mission? Are they consistent with how the organization conveys its “brand”? 

• Flexibility: Can furniture pieces be reconfigured if/when the organization’s needs change, or in emergency situations? 

• Longevity: Are replacement components available, increasing products’ life span and boosting the bottom line? 

Building Partnerships for Sustainable Solutions

Just as important, is your furniture manufacturer a true partner, not just at point of purchase, but across the life cycle of the product? Quality manufacturers will have no problem offering documentation of a product’s safety and durability testing results, all relevant warranty information, and care guidance for staff that will maximize the life of the products. 


Purchasers of furniture for healthcare environments do not have to be caught in a constant cycle of “buy and replace”. Choosing to work with a quality manufacturer that is committed to offering ongoing support will go a long way toward ensuring that your purchases represent the best possible investment. Let us show how we can partner with you to develop a cost-effective strategy.

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